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Weekly BBC Radio 5 ads to be shot, edited and aired on the same day

BBC Radio 5 Live is set to launch a new TV campaign to promote its new positioning theme ‘straight to the heart of things’, with each ad being created on the same day as its broadcast.

Created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R – the campaign will develop on a weekly basis, being created on the same day as it is scheduled to broadcast in order to reflect the way that the station delivers its topical daily shows.

In order to achieve this, a small production team will be based within the station’s studios and will aim to capture the best on-air moments of the day, which will be filmed, edited, colour graded, sounded edited and then air that evening.

Documentary director Dominic Savage will oversee the shoot, while Academy Award sound specialist Ray Beckett has also been recruited.

Ann Farragher, head of marketing for BBC Radio 5 live, commented: “The sheer range of things 5 live covers expertly everyday is staggering. The way we interact with our audience is unique. And we manage to have fun along the way. We want to try and capture a small part of that and show it off to a big audience.”

The campaign will run across BBC radio and television from today (21 March).