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Civil judge calls for court cases to be broadcast on TV

A top civil judge has suggested that UK court cases should be televised to increase confidence in the justice system.

A BBC report explores Lord Neuberger's proposals which he believes would boost public engagement in the court process.

Currently, only UK Supreme Court judgements can be televised and Lord Neuberger has been a vocal supporter for televising court proceedings for a number of years.

He said: "If we wish to increase public confidence in the justice system, transparency and engagement, there is undoubtedly something to be said for televising some hearings, provided that there were proper safeguards to ensure that this increased access did not undermine the proper administration of justice".

Lord Neuberger endorsed the Lord Chief Justice's provisional decision to allow the use of Twitter in court.

"Why force a journalist or a member of the public to rush out of court in order to telephone or text the contents of his notes written in court, when he can tweet as unobtrusively as he can write?" said Neuberger.

Concerns about the potential impact of televising cases on victims and witnesses will play a big part in whether such a proposal will see the light of day.

Cameras are allowed into courts in Scotland under strict conditions but few cases have been televised.