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Brad and Dan back for fifth Foster’s ad

Foster’s has revealed the fifth TV execution of its ‘Good Call’ ad campaign as it looks to reinforce the brand’s No Worries attitude.

The 40 second ad once again features agony uncles Brad and Dan fielding questions from UK callers faced with ‘personal social dilemmas’.

The new execution, Haircut, sees Wazza from Halifax tells the pair that his girlfriend’s new haircut really doesn’t suit her and asks if he should tell her.

Brad and Dan dismiss the idea, telling Wazza he needs to re-read the boyfriend job description, encouraging him to make the “little lady” feel good about herself.

Following the advice, Wazza manages to muster “FIT!” when faced with his girlfriend’s bowl cut, putting him in the good books.

Foster’s brand manager Nic Casby said of the new ad: “The latest execution for the ‘Good Call’ campaign shows the age old classic dilemma for boyfriends everywhere – tell the truth and risk being in the doghouse, or stretch the truth and make their girlfriend feel good about herself, and Brad and Dan’s straight talking to Wazza once again helps to divert a potentially ‘hairy’ moment.

“Our previous Brad and Dan adverts tested in the top 3% of all UK adverts and came 2nd in YouTube’s ad of the year, and we are confident that ‘Haircut’ will be a welcome addition to the ‘Good Call’ campaign.”