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Piers Morgan braces himself for a bout with Larry King - but there's no KO

Larry King really misses his show. He that made pretty clear when the man who replaced him, Piers Morgan, had him in the guest's chair last night. Was it a good idea? Hmmm . . .

There was no spitting or shouting - bit of a love fest really, with Piers confessing that Larry was his hero and Larry saying it was really a bit weird being back on the set.

It had the potential to be just a bit embarrassing. But on a night with Libya hogging the headlines, there was a neat tie-in when Piers began with an interview Larry had with Gaddafi. "It was a very difficult interview, " said Larry, "he kept us waiting two hours and then the answers were monosyllabic." Gaddafi, thought Larry, wouldn't last.

So what about that Radio 4 BBC interview when Larry dished Piers with some faint praise? The 77-year-old American said he had watched around eight of Piers's 22 shows (He himself did 7000) "I haven't seen you dangerous yet," he said, referring to a remark Piers made in in the publicity before the series.

He said he would now tell people Piers Morgan, was "gentle and sweet and not dangerous." Sounded a bit like another twist of the knife. Then Piers handed Larry his very own British braces - and Larry, after plugging someone he was now working for, agreed to come back for another show.

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