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Axis launch Dead Island trailer for Deep Silver game

The Glasgow-based animation studio, Axis has been working very closely with publisher Deep Silver to create a trailer for the new video game Dead Island which is soon to be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Dead Island is set in the 'tropical paradise–gone wrong', Banoi, where the entire island has been over run by zombies.

Axis executive producer, Richard Scott, said: “When we were initially approached by Deep Silver about Dead Island we were really excited about the idea of getting to grips with zombies."

Scott also claimed that “there was something else special about Dead Island – the realty of the game.

Deep Silver had a very clear message for Axis to communicate – that this is to be a unique zombie game; not just another shoot ‘em up. The game was to involve the gamer on an emotional level as well as through the high level of entertainment that comes with the horror and brutality.

The trailer, which has had 3 million plays on YouTube despite being released less than a week ago, trended in the top 10 on Twitter for 48 hours and some of the trailers 3 million tweets came from Twitter fans such as Simon Pegg, Ice T, Felicia Day, Wired Magazine and the LA Times.

The film was directed by Axis' Stuart Aitken.

He claimed that “Deep Silver were really keen to create something different” and that “when they put forward the initial idea for the ‘reverse’ sequence I saw the seed of something great.” Aitken then developed that idea into a complex trailer, where he has captured the emotional thread of the game - the key to the trailers success.

Aitken said “working with the Deep Silver team has been fantastic. They put a hug amount of faith and trust in me and the rest of the team and it has paid off for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Disney Interactive Studios tasked Axis with producing a series of marketing images for the TRON Evolution game.

Also overseen by director Aitken Axis worked closely with the games developers and its images were featured in the press and also on the box art.