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VisitBritain targets Facebook users

VisitBritain, the UK’s national tourism body, is reaching out to New World Facebookers with a ‘Unite the Invite’ app in a bid to lure ex-colonials back to the shores of blighty.

Devised by Albion the app takes the form of a competition available solely to residents in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The wheeze sees the user paired up with an unidentified fellow Facebook user, their “match”.

By doing nothing more than posting the users picture on their wall and sharing it with their friends the user must identify their mystery partner.

The quickest pairing to correctly identify each other will earn themselves an all expenses paid trip to the sunny climes of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff or London.

Laurence Bresh, director of marketing, VisitBritian, said: "The idea that we're all connected by six degrees of separation has intrigued people for generations."

"This campaign attempts to prove that theory. And, to our knowledge, no other tourist board or travel agency has taken this approach to engage students and young professionals."

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