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Analysis: Piers cheered by ratings bounce

Piers Morgan’s putative foray across the pond has seen his viewing figures bounce up and down with more elasticity than a yo-yo. But do the latest stats leave Morgan cowering behind the couch? Or sitting pretty on it? Noel Young investigates...

Into week 4 with Piers Morgan on CNN . . . so how is he holding up? Piers initially said his aim was improve upon Larry King's ratings in his final shows, of around 600,000 viewers. (At one point, King drew 1.5 million viewers a night.)

The best show for Piers, his first with Oprah drew 2.1 million, his worst featuring Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, had 498,000 viewers, below that 600,000 benchmark and was even beaten by a CNBC special on supermarkets.

Last week, on the night Piers interviewed Barbara Walters live, it was announced that CNN had hired her former booker Katie Nelson Thomson as a producer on the Piers show. So no panic yet, Piers. At the beginning of week three (the latest figures I could glean) he scored 992,000 with Mitt Romney.

So here are the ratings for his first 11 shows:

Week one

1/17 2.1 mil (Oprah) 5 21K 25-54

1/18 1.27 mil (Howard Stern) 551K 25-54

1/19 1.03 mil (Condoleezza Rice) 239K 25-54

1/20 1.03 mil (Ricky Gervais) 238K 25-54

1/21 718,000 (George Clooney) 121K 25-54

Week two

1/24 763,000 (Rudy Guliani) 208K 25-54

1/25 State of the Union address (1.2 mil)

1/26 737,000 (Joel & Victoria Osteen) 248K 25-54

1/27 498,000 (Kourtney and Kim Kardashian) 164K 25-54

1/28 658,000 (live, Egypt breaking news) 178K 25-54

Week three

1/31 887,000 (live, Egypt breaking news) 243K 25-54

2/1 992,000 (Mitt Romney) 327K 25-54

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