Yorkshire Tea launches American road trip ad campaign

Yorkshire Tea’s new ad campaign has launched, with production by Pulse Films.

Little Urn’s Big American Road Trip uses social media to follow a Yorkshire Tea branded ice cream van (Little Urn) on a six week road trip across America, travelling from Los Angeles to New York to deliver tea to expat Brits.

Pulse Films’ directors Fred and Nick have created a series of films capturing the essence of Little Urn’s journey through the human stories of British expats and their lives in America, with the films acting as postcards home, documenting every mile, every individual and every event.

The first of three TV ads – a one minute commercial highlighting Little Urn’s journey across Nevada – will air in the UK on the 7 February, with two further 30 second ads featuring the journey to Florida and a round up of the trip scheduled to appear later.

An additional eight films will be available to watch on the Yorkshire Tea Facebook page, with one film showing Matt Goss of Bros having a tea party at Caesars casino in Las Vegas.

Social media plays a key role in the project, determining the route Little Urn takes with Little Urn’s Big American Road Trip within Yorkshire Tea’s existing Facebook profile as a launch pad to build the audience for the campaign.

User will be able to follow a message, respond, request a visit from Little Urn in America, or even recommend a friend in urgent need of a brew. All eight films will be hosted on YouTube and pulled across to Facebook with Twitter feeds from the team also embedded.