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Pollsters identify rise in multitasking

A digital survey carried out by Deloitte into the leisure habits of 2,000 US consumers has revealed that more people than ever are now multitasking while they watch the telly.

Television’s stranglehold on consumers is still evident in the latest round of number crunching with 74% of US consumers still getting their daily fix of broadcasts from a traditional TV set.

Far from the stereotypical image of the slovenly couch potato however most sofa bound consumers are actually engaged in a plethora of activities with 42% also surfing the net, 29% yakking on the phone and 26% popping off texts whilst the TV is still blaring.

Good news for print media was also contained in the figures with a healthy 87% of respondents saying they preferred the print copy of a magazine to a digital version with a slight increase in the proportion of households subscribed to at least one print magazine, up 1% to 55%.

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