JudgeGill works with adidas and Intel on the adiVERSE

Manchester-based agency JudgeGill has helped adidas and Intel bring to life their adiVERSE, a 'virtual footwear wall' designed to give fans of the sports brand better access to its products.

The adiVERSE "combines the best of retail with the best of digital," according to its makers, and allows shoppers to find the products they want even if they are not available in-store.

Customers will be able to interact with the wall if they need product guidance, cannot find a product they need or like, or if they need it in a particular size or colour.

Adidas says the installation will allow it to offer the largest range of products in even the smallest stores, effectively bringing its flagship store range and entire online range to every store in the world.

When not being used by customers, the wall allows adidas to feature video and brand communications to promote its products.

The system, a collaboration between the sportswear firm and computer giant Intel, is being tested using adidas's footwear range first and if that proves a success it will expand to feature more apparel. The wall will then appear in stores worldwide.

JudgeGill has helped Adidas and Intel "from conception to delivery", working on its digital design and the way products are rendered.

Dave Judge, creative director of Start JudgeGill, said: "Working with adidas and Intel on the adiVERSE Virtual Footwear Wall has been one of the most exciting and technologically challenging projects we have ever had the pleasure of working on, in all of our many years of brand, digital and retail experience.

"We believe that the future of retailing lies in bringing together the best of digital media, interactivity, and product presentation to offer extraordinary and complimentary retail experiences in store, of which adiVERSE is a perfect example. We truly believe innovations such as this will not only drive sales, but will radically change the face of retailing and the way consumers interact with retail brands and their products.”

The adiVERSE, now being beta tested, was unveiled for the first time this week at the National Retail Federation's Annual Expo in New York.