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Ubiquitous chips are big story from Consumer Electronics Show

It could well be a case of chips with everything are the likes of Intel, AMD and ARM announce the new generation of processors at CES

New processors from these companies will revolutionise the graphics capabilities of PCs, say commentators and will open up a host of new opportunities for those in the marketing and communications business from 2012 and beyond.

Intel’s Sandy Bridge and AMD’s Fusion will allow the computer’s main processor to integrate with the Graphics Procession Unit. What this means, says Intel, is that the time taken to encode a four minute high definition video for playback will be cut from around 16 minutes to 16 seconds.

Meanwhile, AMD demonstrated its Fusion range by showing how a PowerPoint presentation could integrate a video image of the individual doing the presentation with the actual screen. In a presentation about the solar system, for example, pictures of the planets orbited around the presenter, who could then change their positions with his hands.

Innovations such as Intel’s Wi-Di – or wireless display – aims to make wireless streaming of video easier; heralding the development of a new generation of wireless televisions and devices and products which do not look or act like computers, but in fact are powered with massively capable chips.