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Induction Ink illuminates new era of smart packaging at CES

One illuminating product launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas looks set to invigorate the staid world of printed labels.

In addition to satisfying the mundane task of communicating words and pictures these dynamic inks can be applied to products such as cereal boxes to take advantage of their surprising ability to illuminate when placed upon a conductive coil.

This holds out the prospect of groceries coordinating custom lightshows to bedazzle shoppers as they make their way down the aisle of their local supermarket.

Information embedded in the products printed circuit can be downloaded to obtain a freshness date and nutritional information, when web enabled this can be used to inventory ingredients and produce recipe suggestions.

The system operates at 80% energy efficiency and it currently costs approximately20c to print the circuitry and illuminating ink on each cereal box, but Fulton is confident that their technique amounts to more than just a gimmick.