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Top gadgets of 2011 unveiled at CES

Santa may have only just retreated back up the chimney but technology companies the world over aren’t resting on their laurels as they race to produce the latest shiny things to quench our insatiable thirst for gadgets.

You might be chuffed to bits with your iPad and monster flat screen but such devices are set to look positively Stone Age when set against a new breed of challengers being premiered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Opening today it will display a raft of tablet iPad wannabe’s boasting a range of features and gimmicks, including fold out keyboards from Asus and a dual screen laptop from Microsoft.

3-D technology continues to advance with LG introducing a new telly that sports a wider viewing angle and passive glasses, negating the need for battery powered mechanical shutters.

Microsoft are also set to TV technology is set to advance with the introduction of fully internet functional tellies, albeit still requiring a separate box, which will allow surfers to experience the web from their sofas.

The software giants CEO, Steve Ballmer, was in town to deliver the events opening keynote address, an occasion he used to launch Avatar Kinect. The device mimics people’s facial expressions in the on screen appearance of videogame characters.