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Q&A with today's guest editor: Russell Townsend


By The Drum Team | Editorial

January 5, 2011 | 3 min read

Today's guest editor Russell Townsend answers a few questions about himself and his company Clusta.

Clusta has been at the forefront of digital media, but what trends do you predict for next year?

Next year will be an exciting one, with some decent recovery in the economy and better understanding about digital. And with increased budgets coming into digital we'll see a lot more brands engaging with their customers. Social media will still be very much in the picture with more emphasis on the "check in". Also as mobile web browsing grows and technology is developed to use GPS/Accelerometer functions within the browser rather than an app, it’s my view that this will create a pole change - no more Apple Store approval.

What achievement at Clusta are you most proud of?

Still being here and doing great work. It’s not specifically an achievement that I personally am proud of, but the team that Matt (my business partner) and I have around us continue to excel. They work far too hard and keep coming up with superb solutions for our clients; and some are quite funny too.

Which platform do you use to consume media most and why?

Alas I have to say it’s the iPhone. Despite the network performance it’s every bit of knowledge you need in your pocket. Whether it’s looking up a banal fact or checking out what’s going on in the world of our clients and the competition - it’s always there. I also travel a lot so it’s rather handy.

Should digital now lead the communications strategy?

I don’t think any medium should lead the strategy. I think an idea should lead all types of delivery - but for all the clients without digital on the top table, 2011 is the time to make those changes.

Is social media really a major tool in the marketing armoury? And how can brands best utilise this tool?

The million dollar question. Yes it’s a major tool, but it shouldn’t be your only tool. Integration and leverage of social media in any campaign is fundamental nowadays, but don’t just think "Oh and a facebook page too" when planning something. Make sure it works, it engages and it delivers on your brand’s key messages - make it social, the clue is in the name.

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