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Gellan Watt chooses his stories of 2010: Liberal Democrats, Gap, 3D TV

Watt takes a look back over a few of the media, marketing and technology news from the previous 12 months.

Liberal Democrat ministers in Telegraph tape shocker

No one loves the government we've got. Everyone rolled their eyes at the one we had too. And the next one... bound to be crap too. Let's face it, we're never going to love our government. But why oh why is our press doing it's upmost to derail the fragile stability we have which would surely completely derail the even more fragile economy we're all living with. I'm all for freedom of speech. And yes our government has to be accountable. But seriously, does anyone think this is clever. Please let sense prevail. Let the government regroup and march on. For now. 2011 looks scary enough.

The iPad

Come one. It's brilliant. Another epic development in technology. Or is it? I love my iPad. I love owning one. I used to take it everywhere, but now I'm not sure where it is. Facts are - without flash the web experience is poor. The version without 3G is pointless. And Apple have done a great job of taking an existing technology (iPhone) making it bigger and creating a market that didn't exist. And made a fortune. Genius.

Goal line technology

Football is big business. Lampard scored. We went out of the world cup. We'll never know if that MAY have been a turnaround moment. It wouldn't happen in any other business. It doesn't happen in any other sport. IT WAS A GOAL. Grr.

The Gap Logo

Consumers are now in charge. And brand owners must listen. But let's face it... that's only a problem if you have bad taste in the first place. Same back lash happened with the London 2012 Olympics logo. Is the common factor that consumer are now the boss? They've taken over... and brand owners must listen. No. Both identities are crap. And today consumers have a voice. Simples.


No. Just no. It didn't work in the 70s and this may be a memorable bite me in the bum 'it will never work' moment but no. Stop it. Move on. Maybe for gaming... but not real TV. Imagine 4 people in a room at home wearing those glasses. And you mate comes round and has to watch a strange double vision screen while you're all jumping up and down looking like Joe 90. No. Move straight to holographic TV. And collect billions of pounds.