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A few questions for our guest editor Rob Nicol...

The Drum poses a few questions to its guest online, PHD North's Rob Nicol. He tells us about his penchant for a bit of Poirot and the other career he might've embarked on.

How did you get into media?

Good fortune, reading round the subject and a nice suit. With a degree in French yet an incredible inability to speak the language beyond “do you live in the country or the city”, I was never a likely candidate to move to Brussels to take up a position at the UN. Browsing through graduate careers materials revealed this rewarding media world which required hard work, a bit of gumption and strong creativity. It was still the nice suit which actually secured me my first job though, with my somewhat sartorially snobbish first boss!

What would you be doing if you weren’t in this line of work?


If you were forced to give up TV, print, web or radio... which one media could you not live without?

It has to be TV. While on the one hand I can’t imagine a world without Mad Men, The Wire or Eastbound & Down, I have classic “housewives with kids” viewing habits; for me the world would be an even tougher place without the gentle timbre of Lovejoy, the grey cells of Poirot and the “if joyless Joyce Barnaby befriends you, then you’re killer” predictability of Midsomer Murders.

What has been your greatest career achievement so far?

Joining PHD, the agency named both Marketing’s and Campaign’s Media Agency of the Year 2010. It has brought a smile to my face (some would say ‘for a change’) to work with the brilliant, bright team at PHD North who have gained recognition at this year’s Drum Marketing Effectiveness Awards and national success with our second Campaign Media Award in three years.

Where is the media industry headed in 2011?

A return to full service, but not in the traditional sense of the word.

Stay tuned to Next up Rob picks out his five favourite campaigns of the year...

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