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New Edinburgh International Science Festival site goes live

The new website for Edinburgh International Science Festival has gone live, developed by Line Digital.

The site offers users a range of functions which aim to improve ease of use and create a richer information resource.

Line was briefed developing a portal which would inspire, engage and educate the festival’s audience, while also increasing awareness and driving registration.

"We're particularly pleased with the way that phase one of this project has been realised. Having been given full creative and technical freedom we were determined to deliver something that not only looks great, but also introduces Science Festival patrons to a whole new level of usability and utility," said Ross Laurie, managing director at Line Digital.

Once registered, users can bookmark articles or events listings, store them, and create a personalized version of the site.

"The finished result is something we believe will really grab users, underlining the Edinburgh International Science Festival's status as the pre-eminent event of its kind in the UK."

The backgrounds also continually change, while registered users will also find that their interests related to the chosen backgrounds that appear.

The second phase of the development will begin in January, when online bookings will be introduced to the site. To complete this process Line will partner with Red61 to provide the same robust ticketing backend that saw the agency's work on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival's web-based box office break all previous sales records in 2010.