Barbie Video Girl subject to FBI investigation

The latest iteration of the Barbie plastic doll line has piqued the interest of America’s FBI, after the law enforcement agency suggested the plastic doll could be called as a witness in child porn cases.

Barbie Video Girl looks much like every other model in the range with blonde hair, pink clothing and a slim waistline… except for one notable new accessory.

A necklace around the dolls neck doubles as a working video camera, recording up to 30min of footage which can be downloaded to a computer via a USB stick.

Authority’s interest in the doll, a nominee for 2011 Toy of the Year, has elicited scorn from some “furious” parents who regard the FBI’s concerns as unfounded.

However others want to see the doll banned. Stephanie Pav of Western Springs said refuses to buy Barbies wearing heavy eye makeup, halter tops or other risque clothing. Pav said: “I even bought my 6-year-old a shirt that says 'Barbie is a doll, not a role model.'"

The stushie was instigated after the FBI accidentally issued a cyberalert to the media, which was meant to notify law enforcement agencies not to overlook Mattel’s camera during searches.

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