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Axis completes trailer for Under Siege video game

Glasgow animation studio Axis has created a trailer for Under Siege, a new real-time strategy game that will be exclusively available on the Playstation Network.

The trailer, directed jointly by Wiek Luijken and Dana Dorian, introduces the good and evil characters of the game and the diverse world spanning swamplands and deserts in which it is set.

"As soon as Filipe Pina from Seed Studios sent me the first character concepts I was hooked," said Richard Scott, executive producer at Axis.

"I knew that this style would really get the team excited and it was great to see such a strong project from this Portuguese developer."

Axis said it had a "collaborative relationship" with Seed, working closely with the developer's key creatives to retain "the illustrative feel of the world and the characters" in the trailer.

"The game's beautiful look is somewhere between a graphic novel and an illustration and we wanted to keep that visual style," Luijken said.

"We kept the colour palette rich and the lighting soft and atmospheric, a focus was put on textures that would feel real but weren’t photo realistic."

To build the tension in the trailer Axis teamed up with Salvas to produce "a suitably epic soundtrack".

Scott added: "With this game being an exclusive PlayStation Network release it is unusual to see this level of marketing for the title."

You can watch the trailer here.