Iran deploys Fatima doll against American “cultural invasion”

The Iranian regime in Tehran is broadening its offensive against western “decadence”... although the secret weapon in the mullah’s arsenal isn’t a nuclear bomb, it’s a plastic doll called Fatima.

The latest American to find themselves in the sights of the Iranian regime is Barbie, a 50 year old doll described by makers Mattel as “the world’s only brand that allows girls to imagine themselves as a mermaid to a movie star, a fairy to a fashionista, and a princess to a president.”

In undertaking the most dramatic makeover yet however Tehran has ditched Barbie’s golden locks, blue eyes and scantily clad size zero body for a chubby cheeked brown eyed figure clad in traditional costume.

Its makers, Fam, claim the product will promote traditional values and discourage girls from flouting the country’s strict dress codes.

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