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D8 distances itself from Digital with Jennings left sole employee


By The Drum Team, Editorial

October 5, 2010 | 4 min read

Mark Jennings, director at D8 Digital, is now the sole director and employee at the company after the agency's team resigned and accepted jobs at D8.

The news comes after the co-founders at D8 moved to distance themselves from D8 Digital - a venture launched in May last year alongside Jennings.

D8 set up Digital with Jennings, former founder and managing director of Unco, after the news that his agency – which had offices in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Melbourne, Australia – had moved into voluntary liquidation.

Speaking of the move to part with Jennings, James Young of D8 commented: “The whole company are really pleased at the way things have worked out, we are a much stronger and happier team as a result of this development. We wish Mark Jennings all the best for what I’m sure will be a very successful future for him.”

The move means that Jennings remains in control of Digital's finances, but doesn’t have an office or colleagues said Young. "We have handed everything to do with the company over to him, so it’s nothing to do with us at all any more. He can carry on trading if he wants, just not as D8 digital."

Jennings will now have to change the name of the company and its registered address if he wishes to carry on, with D8 Digital no longer trading from the D8 Glasgow office.

However, Jennings has revealed to The Drum that he is currently seeking legal advice: "At the moment what D8 Ltd have done is transfer all the clients and staff from D8 Digital Ltd where I am a shareholder to D8 Ltd where I am not a shareholder. I am seeking advice on the legality of these actions."

Writing in his blog, Jennings also said: "I want to tell you everything but I am, what they call, “taking legal advice” – so I need to keep some things back. That said I don’t think a wall of silence does anyone any good. I have spent over a decade building up my reputation in this industry and I don’t want to see it unfairly damaged..."

He continued: "What I can say is that I am no longer involved with D8 as of the 23rd September 2010. I didn’t walk away though. I am so very proud of what I achieved – in 18 months I put together a fantastic team, massively extended our range of services and profile, and won significant new business with clients such as Stena, UWS, Blackhorse and Durham University. Many of these clients have been in touch to say that they want to continue working with me."

He added: "I have had fantastic support from clients, staff and the wider community through social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn."

Jennings was the only director at D8 Digital, with James Young and Adrian Carroll (D8's co-founders) shareholders in the business.

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