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Meerkat Aleksandr proves memorable for both sexes with most popular ads

Research carried out by YouGov has found the television ads still play to gender stereotypes, although’s campaign has come out top, appealing to both male and females.

The research, carried out on behalf of Collective, has found that men are more likely to remember ‘laddish beer ads’, while women find soap opera styled campaign to be the most memorable.

Twice as many men as women chose Heineken’s Walk in Fridge advert advert, while women opted to select BT’s ongoing 'Adam and Jane' campaign.

Fosters’ recent ‘Good Call – Space Invader’ advert was eight times more popular amongst men as woman, while the sexy stewardesses featured in Virgin Atlantic’s 25th birthday ad campaign was twice as popular among men.

The adverts featuring Aleksandr Orlov, the Meerkat featured in’s campaigns was, however, unanimously rated highest across both sexes, with nearly three in 10 in the UK ranking the campaign as their most memorable, proving most popular in Scotland and Wales where it received 34 per cent of the vote, and least popular in London with 21 per cent.

Here are the top five campaigns split by gender.


1. Meerkats

2. Heineken Walk in Fridge

3. GoCompare Gio Compario

4. Virgin Atlantic 25th Birthday

5. BT Adam & Jane


1. Meerkats

2. GoCompare Gio Compario

3. BT Adam & Jane What Happens Next

4. Cadbury Spots and Stripes

5. John Lewis She’s a woman