Uin Foods new pizza brand Pizzapremo given Locofoco identity

Pizzapremo, developed by Uin Foods has launched through budget supermarket chain Lidl, with the aid of brand specialist Locofoco.

Answering consumer demand, Lidl trialed the product, with over 44,000 square pizzas sold across the UK and Eire within weeks.

As a result, Glasgow based company Uin, which is already a major white label producer, creating pizzas for Morrisions, Asda and Tesco, tasked Locofoco with developing both the brand name and identity.

Shona Maciver, managing director of Locofoco described the brand's 'unashamedly Scottish' origins:

“Italy might have invented it, but Pizzapremo reaches perfection in Cambuslang,’ stated Maciver.

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