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Blogosphere: round up of the best creative blogs


By The Drum Team | Editorial

September 3, 2010 | 3 min read

The internet is a canvas for experimentation and for inspiration – as well as procrastination. But don’t waste time searching for the most experimental or inspirational creations, let others do it for you.

The Drum rounds up the best in creative blogs.

JOSH SPEAR - Distorted Identities

I love this project. To what extent can we distort famous logos and symbols that they remain easily recognizable? A personal exploration.


These hoodies are meant to be worn while making out. Only when lips are locked do the images on the sides come together to make a complete picture. They can come in all sorts of designs with different images, scenes, or messages.For real fun, host a Make-out Hoodie Party. When the guests arrive, they all have to put on a hoodie that has a matching half worn by someone else at the party. When you find the person who has the other half, you make out with them. It’s like a hipster key party.

CHANGETHETHOUGHT - Demo Design updates

One of my earliest influences Demo Design (AKA Justin Fines) has updated with a new website portfolio. While there are many designers working in this style now, Demo was one of the first I can remember taking notice of years ago. It’s nice to see he’s stayed consistent with his style, and has even started doing some great design for motion.

NETDIVER - Synchronicity?

Synchronicity? As my upcoming vacation is filling lots of space in mind, found Paul Tebbott aka Horizon Fire who is a self-taught graphic designer and electronic musician of which I really admire his minimalist approach illustrations that show exactly what I will soon experience: taking a plane, feet in turquoise sea and catching loads of sun.

TRENDHUNTER - Social Media Illustrations

Illustrator Kiersten Essenpreis’ new outlet is Twaggies. Essenpreis’ site takes Twitter tweets and illustrates them into hilarious works, which will definitely have you addicted to the site.Giving funny a whole new spin, these Twaggies tweets are undoubtedly going to leave you laughing. Taking the varied random phrases of Twitter to graphic levels, Twaggies will have you hooked on their illustrations.
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