WikiLeaks courts fresh controversy with Belgian paedophile dossier

WikiLeaks has shown itself to be undeterred by allegations of molestation directed at its founder, Julian Assange, after publishing its latest dossier, uncensored police files relating to a Belgian paedophile.

It has, inevitably, provoked another storm of controversy from Belgian prosecutors who claim the information, an uncensored mix of true, false and unproven allegations, is not appropriate for the public sphere.

This they claim can damage the reputation of individuals who have already been cleared by the courts of wrongdoing.

Belgium has looked at banning the site but has so far backed off owing to the implications for free speech.

The site operates on the fringe of the law but remains out of reach from enforcement agencies as despite aspects of its operation being illegal in many countries its international profile and murky hierarchy make it a difficult target for litigators.

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