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Creative Review: Casio, Original Source, Specsavers

In the latest issue of The Drum magazine James Prentice, brand manager at Yorkshire Tea, offered her thoughts on the latest creative offerings. Do you agree with him?

1. North Northants Development Company (online film)

Creative Lynx

Home is where the heart is as they say, so it certainly makes sense that this North Londonshire spot seeks to tug at the heart strings rather than attempt to lure in potential homeowners through a host of more rationale positives for Northamptonshire. Some may see the content as too far fetched for serious consideration, but this lovingly produced film quickly won me over.

2. Casio (press ads)


Whilst the photography is no doubt as sharp as the thinking that’s gone into this latest bit of Casio technology, this campaign doesn’t really grab me. Perhaps this is because for me the occasions for using a camera and the emotions that wrap around them are inherently more interesting than the latest addition to the long list of menu options.

3. Scottish Government, No Knives Better Lives (online film)

The Leith Agency

The execution is perfect for the subject matter and the animation very watchable. This is something you just want to go viral, you want to see passed around and viewed in full, by the right people. The tricky thing is to be able to judge whether the content is different and unique enough to really cut through to the likes of the boy on the street kicking his football. I hope so.

4. Ian Macleod Distillers, Smokehead whisky (press ads)

Robertson Darby Advertising

This feels very distinctive as an idea and certainly reframes the brand in a more contemporary sense. The art direction really helps to conjure up some enticingly smoky flavours and the integration of pack design into the execution would, I imagine, help product recall at point of purchase in what is a typically cluttered fixture.

5. Original Source (website)

Push On

Original Source has an unapologetic side to its full on smellies and that really gives it stand out, on pack, on web and certainly on shower. The site delivers exactly to the brand and product experience and offers some good added value to boot.

6. Specsavers (TV advert)

Specsavers Creative

A simple and painfully clear idea, this will no doubt make for slightly uncomfortable viewing for all those mums and dads out there. Whilst on first glance performance and production feels quite familiar, the idea itself is quite literally a brutal awakener to this new range and I suspect has the potential for strong recall.

7. Away Without The Kids (website)

Ahoy Creative

For a relatively new father experiencing sleepless nights at the moment, just the url of this site got me excited. But although the site is easy to navigate and the requisite beautiful photos of where you could end up do their job to a degree, I can’ help but feel there could be so much more to this site in terms of its design really empathising with the premise of the site.

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