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Fringe comedians ditch Perrier for Fosters

Foster’s, the lager brand which exhorts drinkers ‘to get some Australian in you’ has teamed up with the Edinburgh Festival to sponsor the arts festivals best comedian award.

This isn’t the lager brands first foray into comedy having just last week announced it was to sponsor 100 hrs of Channel 4’s comedy schedule, including such favourites as Peep Show and The Frankie Boyle Show.

Brand owners Heineken said of that deal: “Humour has been enshrined in the DNA of the brand since Foster’s was introduced to UK drinkers by Paul Hogan and we know comedy plays an important role in the social lives of our core consumers.”

Previous comedy festival tie ups include Perrier mineral water which lasted an impressive quarter century prior to running dry and Intelligent Finance, a sadly oxymoronic title in advance of the global financial cataclysm which sank the deal.