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May 12, 2010 | 7 min read

A glimpse of the work done by the 2nd Year HND Graphic & Visual Communication Design students

Amanda Gliddon

This was my entry for the 2010 D&AD Student Awards. The brief was to design contemporary covers for three H. G. Wells books, which would work well on their own and as part of a set. My concept for the project was escape, and I photographed objects that related to each story and its characters.

Artur Pasiek

Brief: The Body Shop - D&AD brief (Nominated for an Inbook Award)

Brand CommunicationAdvertising campaign to reestablish The Body Shop as a leader of ethical beauty products. My idea was to create a honest intriguing campaign, based on short punchy and intelligent words in opposite to soft and safe voice of competition. Honesty, intelligence and simplicity were the keys to my approach

Artur Pasiek

Brief: Olympics

Set by Redpath, the brief was based around an alternative vision of the 2012 Olympics. I delved back into the heyday of Olympic icon design, and produced a set of visual ideas that echo some of the more memorable Olympic campaigns from the 1970's and early 1980's. The overall impression is very sporty, modern and somewhat journalistic - a great mix for the largest sporting event on the planet.

Carolann Alexander

Brief: Orion Books

Create a stunning and contemporary package for five novels by H.G Wellsfor publishers Weidenfeld & Nicolson. To connect the series of books together by the author rather than title of books.

Duncan McLeod

Brief: D&AD Packaging Brief

The brief was design new packaging for Quaker Oats Pots, and to create something that stood out from the main yoghurt competitors. The target audience was female, aged 25-35, and the concept was to apply an energetic polka dot design to capture the benefits of the eating the product.

Gunnar Thor Ofeigsson

Brief: Me & God

This was an open brief focusing on journeys and the connections we make on them. My approach was to look at my life since life is the ultimate journey. Some years ago I lost my childish faith in God. My connection and disconnection with God has shaped my life, where I am and how I think.

Aleksandra Wruk

Brief: We have learned to fly

This brief was to promote our HND Graphic Design Final Exhibition. My concept was to depict students as birds, learning to fly and ready to leave the nest. I wanted to represent students as creative free spirits, using all the skills we have picked up along the way.

Hannah Bloomfield

Brief: Hell in high water

This was a campaign for Friends of the Earth to highlight the destruction of the oceans by over fishing. The concept was ‘hell in high water’. I hope that the execution evokes an emotional response to something that is normally once removed from everyday life.

Hannah Bloomfield

Builders tea

'Make mine a builders' is a new tea produced by Elmwood. It’s a strong, no nonsense cup of tea, for people who don't like a fuss. The brief was to create a campaign for them focusing on copywriting.

I decided to get into the mind of someone's favourite mug. The big, chunky one they always use for a decent cuppa. This poster is what the teacups say about the mug behind his back.

Jonathan Reburn

Brief: Canape Brief

Design a logo for Canape, a catering company specialising in hors d'oeuvres. This brief was part of a placement at Nevis Design Agency.

Julie Fermor

Brief: Connections

This was a typographic brief requiring us to take a journey/make connections.

I chose to advertise a fictitious exhibition at the Museum of Costume based on silk. I used words associated with silk; its production, history and painting and created three panels.

Lisa Henderson

Brief: Board Addict

This brief was set by my industry mentor, from the Lewis Agency, and the task was to design an online identity for an extreme sports company. The concept is based on the laid back culture prevalent in extreme sports.

Paulina Leska

Brief: “Spirit” Art magazine

The brief was to design a Sunday supplement called “Spirit”. I chose the theme of Art and my concept was “Writing on the wall”.

Samuel Ngai

This was a brief that was set by Elmwood Design Agency, to rebrand the tram in Edinburgh. My concept was to show the benefits of having the tram in a way that can make people laugh and remember it.

Tania Meiring

Brief: ‘Bahookie’

The Oxford English Dictionary incorporates new words with every revised edition; therefore I had to develop a campaign to promote the use or awareness of one or several of the words. Working with the concept ‘New’ I asked myself the question: “How do new things come about?” This poster is one of 3 solutions I created.

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