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Hung headlines: today's front pages


By The Drum Team | Editorial

May 7, 2010 | 4 min read

There's nothing quite as bold as "It's The Sun wot won it" today as we wake up to a hung parliament. But there's only one topic dominating the front pages. See all the election headlines here.

The Guardian says Gordon Brown is digging in, with the Conservatives claiming they have the right to govern. The newspaper also outlines that the Tories are on course for their biggest gain since 1931.

The 2am edition of The Times leads with "Election blues" and says Cameron is on course "to lead biggest party in parliament". Ah, deadlines (...but more on those later when we get to the Telegraph). The Scottish Times, meanwhile, runs with the headline “The X Factor” as it also points out David Cameron is close to power according to the exit polls.

In similar style, The Sun exclaims “Cameron wins the exit factor”. The paper also points out that, despite Labour’s vote across Scotland took a hammering, Scotland appeared immune to the Cameron effect.

The swingometer might seem the preserve of TV election coverage but The Mirror has employed it on its front page to capture the mood of uncertainty. Its arrow is teetering towards Cameron and copy that reads: "Britain Doomed".

The Daily Mail, in typically forthright fashion, says Labour has lost the right to govern. Alongside a picture of David Cameron and his wife Samantha its headline reads: "Hand me the keys to No10".

The Scotsman goes with “Cameron heading for Downing Street”, as a “crushing defeat” for Brown leaves Tories set to rule hung parliament

“Brown targets coalition” was the front page of The Herald, as the Tories are seen to be furious at deal between Labour and Lib Dems.

The Daily Express chooses not to labour on the hung parliament situation (though it would have gone to press before it was clear cut that we wouldn't see a majority) and instead goes with a more generic headline: "Now we have to get real". It says new government's first job is to "Sort out Brown's big mess".

We may have a Draconian voting system in this country (judging by the stories of people who were not able to cast their votes) but our ancient printing press can also struggle to keep up on days like this. The Daily Telegraph, a victim of tight early morning deadlines, implies that Cameron is on the way to power after seeing Labour seats swing his way. Of course, the morning after the night before, we know that wasn't quite enough...

The Daily Record shows reluctance to admit defeat as it claims “It’s a cliff hanger”. Brown’s intentions to unite with Lib Dems in hung parliament and the mayhem of voters being locked out of the polls also highlighted.

Never predictable in its choice of front page splash, the Independent decides to concentrate on the story about people across the country being turned away from polling stations after the voting system failed to cope with the strain. "Britain goes to the polls - but some can't vote," it says. Perhaps a sensible choice of headline so not to get stung by calling the election result too early.

But over at the Daily Star, the team are just glad they can go to bed. "Thank Gord it's all over," their splash reads. Unfortunately for them, with a hung parliament now a certainty, it's only just begun...

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