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April 29, 2010 | 5 min read

The Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische. Each day (or at least each WORK day), a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap will be posted for your enjoyment and for the beautification of blog posts everywhere. To use a Daily Drop Cap on your site or blog, follow the instructions in each post and read about the usage limitations. Daily Drop Caps should be used in blog posts only and not for personal logos or branding. Daily Drop Caps cannot be used in any printed materials or stationery. Enjoy!



Analog Digital Clock

You might know Dutch artist Maarten Baas from his series of burned furniture or his real time clocks. His latest project is an iPhone app called Analog Digital Clock; a digital clock with a person changing the digits.


Google Government Requests Needs your Information Design Input

Google Government Requests includes an interactive world map of all requests from government agencies around the world to remove content from their services, or provide information about users of their services and products, between July and December 2009. Even with the simple quantitative data that is available, some non-obvious insights can be made (who knew Brazil was so engaged in acquiring or removing Google data?).

As Google claims to be “...still learning the best way to collect and present this information”, it seems your input in terms of proposing a more effective information design might be valuable to them. So, if you were working for Google, how would you propose to represent this data in a more effective way?


What everyone will be watching

Picture this. You’re watching your favorite TV show. A commercial comes on. Instead of getting up for something to drink, you send a tweet from your mobile. Then little happens. For the most part your tweet gets lost. Everyday millions perform this ritual. And despite hashtags and fan pages, the conversation around broadcast entertainment is incredibly fragmented.

Enter Starling, a new social TV platform just announced. Essentially a mobile app, Starling aims to make a game out of the emerging co-viewing trend and to profit massively by selling the aggregated data it collects to broadcast companies, sponsors and advertisers. If successful, Starling could do to media what Foursquare did to location. In a year from now, what we’re watching could be just as valuable as where we are.

Like location, the opportunity to provide structure around co-viewing behavior is massive. TV is still king when it comes to entertainment and according to Nielson, 59 percent of the US watches television and uses the internet simultaneously. Already that’s a massive amount of co-viewing opportunity to play around with. With a slick app and the right incentives (i.e. social currency), co-viewing behavior could skyrocket.


Graffiti Analysis 2.0

Graffiti Analysis 2.0 is a project by serial graf hacker Evan Roth. The aim of the project is to provide an open source archive of motion captured graffiti information. Check the videos, they’re great. Then make your own.


Mission Statement: To those who believe Adv, but above all to those who believe in Adv.

Every day this blog posts the best adverts from around the world. A true global collection.


Belgian men’s magazine Che promises men the prefect world, unencumbered by the silliness of rules, obligations and unfulfilled fantasies. In this Duval Guillaume-created promotion for the magazine’s tenth anniversary, a man gets to experience the fantasy every man has had at least once whether or not they will admit to it.


Recession Desk Lamp Provides Lo-Fi Lighting

Lo-Fi lighting designs are responding to both the economic recession and the tendency for designers to over-think design solutions.

Shown here is the Recession Desk Lamp by industrial designers Seth Quest and Megan Heacock White. The lamp is made of a tin can, a sturdy block of walnut wood, and a metal pipe. Simple enough!

Blogging Social Media Feature

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