Sky Television claim first 3D broadcast as a success

Sky claimed to revolutionise the world of television with Europe's first live broadcast of a football match in 3D earlier today.

Around 1,000 pubs screened the Chelsea v. Manchester United match earlier today using special screens, which fans viewed using 3D glasses. Now another five Premiership games will be screened through the new channel, Sky 3D, before the season ends on May 9.

The licensed trade see the new channel as an opportunity to build their business which has been affected by the smoking ban and competition from supermarkets. Some say it will even allow them to charge for tickets, despite the fact the new channel will be rolled out into the domestic market this Autumn.

Typical feedback of the service from fans included:

“I really liked it. I wouldn’t normally have come here but I wanted to see what football looked like in 3D. I think they still have to do some work on the technology but the idea is excellent and I’d definitely come again.”“It been absolutely packed in here. The 3D screen has been really popular and the feeback has been great. We’re one of only 1,000 pubs in the country to have a Sky 3D screen so we’re really lucky to have it. In future we’ll be showing boxing and rugby as well.”“Two of us have got headaches. But we can’t work out if they’ve come from the TV or the amount of lager we’ve had to drink.”“I really liked the 3D, but didn’t like to see Manchester United get beaten.”

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