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The Drum's Quotes of the Week

It's been another quote-tastic week on The Drum's website. Resigning creative directors, amorous yoghurt marketers and bondage crazy retailers are only half the story. Here are the best quotes, taken totally out of context, of course.

… meanwhile BJL's MD Nicky Unsworth exclusively told The Drum (there was no statement sent to another media website as another media website pretended that there was) that the last two years have been a blast, saying:

“We’ve all loved working with Billy and he leaves while Pete and Tom are doing a great job of heading up what is now an incredibly strong creative department.”

Warbutons marketing director Richard Hayes tried to convince The Drum's news editor Stephen Lepitak to stop buying Tesco Value bread:

“It sounds daft, but it is true. People really care about the quality of the bread they eat as it is at the heart of their home and they are buying and eating the stuff everyday. They don’t want to give their family second best.”

Picture 5

Andrew Young, chairman of recuitment firm Thirty Three, which recently closed its Scottish office pretty much summed up life in Scottish marketing at the moment:

“There was absolutely no client business to go for in the Scottish market and the public sector didn’t help.”

Muller Dairy's somewhat lovestruck interim marketing manager Jonathan Dee tried in vain to score a date with gorgeous AbFab granny Joanna Lumley as she became the face of yoghurt brand Vitality. (Let us know how you get on Jonathan, good luck.)

“Joanna is an excellent role model to drive awareness of the key messages for Vitality. She’s intelligent, looks great, lives life to the full, and is in touch with contemporary life – all qualities which will resonate with our key audience.”

Picture 2

George Jatania, founder of Millionaire’s Choice, proved that Nation1 boss Andrew Grant isn't quite as evil as Adolf Hitler, Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong-iI as was inferred by a few folk on The Drum's website a couple of weeks ago, when she said:

“Nation1 have demonstrated they can design world class websites and have worked extremely hard to create a site that fits with my vision. Andrew has personally project managed this website. It has been a pleasure working with Nation1 and I look forward to a long relationship with Andrew and his team.”

Picture 1

Matt Trubow of Hidden Creative offers poor marketing journalists a ray of hope that they will one day know what it's like to drive a half decent car instead of having to make do with a 1983 Austin Allegro (Vanden Plas) with a dodgy Johnson Rod.

"It [augmented reality] gives companies a new interactive marketing platform - the likes of which they have never had before. For example, there are car manufacturers who have used augmented reality to allow potential customers to take a three-dimensional tour of their vehicles - and even get a taste of what it is like to drive one.”

James Nicols, brand manager for Sunkist, explained to The Drum how new flavours of the soft drink will not be stocked by kinky retailers.

“It [Sunkist] will be predominantly sold through independent retailers, caterers, fish and chip shops, sandwich vans, sandwich shops, that kind of outlet. It will be generally bought by the independents as opposed to specific agreements with chained retailers.”

Origin's creative director Matt Casey is still going on about 'that' Giggs goal. Give it a rest.

"Any diehard United fan will be instantly familiar with the feelings of joy that the Giggs celebration conveys. We thought it was a great (if slightly over the top) way to convey how fantastic the United Card’s membership privileges are. By putting the two together we’ve underlined that issue — and hopefully raised a smile in the process”.

Happy Easter everyone.

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