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This week's People on the Move - week ending 02/04/10

Every fortnight The Drum magazine keeps tabs on who has been hired by who.

Name, Position, Company?

What attracted you to the position?

What company did you last work for?What was your first industry job?How did you find your new position?What, in your opinion, is the greatest invention of all time?Which historical event would you most like to have been present at?What is your biggest guilty pleasure?


The range of high profile food & drink clients was a big pull, as was the fact that the office is a boat on the Shore in Leith – helps with creativity!The BIG Partnership.A presenter assistant at Beat 106 (now Galaxy).Through an ex-colleague who spoke highly of threebrand after working on an integrated campaign.The iPhone – I’m obsessed with mine. The bubble wrap app? Genius.The very first Concorde flight in 1969.Shopping – I have several items in my wardrobe with tags still on!


I had previously worked in a corporate communications department and was keen to progress with my career in an agency. Also, what better place for an office than on a boat...VisitScotlandCorporate Communications Assistant at VisitScotland.I came across it on a website, sent in my CV and was lucky enough to get it.The Internet; an integral hub of information at your fingertips, what could be better? And you can shop online!I think I would like to have been alive in the Sixties, just to see....I don’t think there’s anything that I particularly feel guilty about but I do tend to spend a lot of my time (and money) eating out.


To be honest, I didn’t think there was a position available. I came in on placement but stayed around for a while, as I loved the agency, the varied briefs and the great people who work here - luckily it turned into a job.Australian Government, while travelling, but I’m not allowed to talk about that.Besides a few placements this is my first.Placement.Planes, not very environmentally friendly, but they allow you to see the world.Live Aid, what a day that must have been!Bourneville chocolate and Gossip magazines, they wind me up but I somehow still enjoy reading them.


Swamp appealed to me as it’s one of the top digital agencies in the UK. They produce a diverse range of work in different formats and work with some of the UK’s biggest brands. There’s a lot of scope to work on creative projects in a wide range of media – from art installations to web design.I worked for a full service agency called Fantastic Media, based in Leeds.I started my career as a Web developer building simple e-newsletters, then progressed to building full dynamic and database-driven sites.After entering the SH! Awards in my final year of university and winning 1st prize in digital category, I was offered a placement at swamp. After my placement ended, I was offered a full-time position.I think medicine is a pretty great invention, but the Apple Mac has to be my all time favourite, with its beautiful design and great functionality.I would have loved to see Jimi Hendrix live.Spending way too much money on gadgets.


The opportunity to work for an award winning team; who also happen to be well respected by their peers within the design industry as a whole. Furthermore, the role in question was something I’d been wishing to become more involved in, and an avenue I wanted to explore further. Having worked across most facets of the industry, the position also offered me an opportunity to focus on IA and usability as a focal point to my working day.Bloom Media.Bit of a tough one this; having worked in the industry for quite some time (nearly 20 years) – I’ve covered most bases with respect to design, development and production work in the video and multimedia arenas. Web focused roles came as a consequence of natural progression and evolution of the ‘new media’ industry.Through a recruitment agency, namely Network Marketing Jobs.At this point I feel the answer should be profound and be of relevance to the industry in which I work… But I’m going against the grain on this one and shall doff my cap to Arthur Guinness… The reason should be pretty obvious!Unfortunately I can’t think of any particular historical event without it sounding somewhat contrived. Therefore I’m going to go with Kraftwerks’ first live gig as it would have been an opportunity to witness the birth of a new genre of music and the tipping point in me finding an interest in all things computer based!Errrrr… Guinness!?!


tictoc had a great portfolio, and it was tempting to have the chance to work on pretty diverse sites – e-commerce, non-profits, government agencies – which keeps the job exciting.Radge Media, publishers of The Skinny magazine, where I was the Creative Director.The Skinny – I graduated about three years ago, so there hasn't been much time!I saw it mentioned on Twitter by a few different people. Social media is a good way to get these things to an appropriate, wide audience.It's got to be the Internet... In about 20 years it's brought instant, low-cost communication to every country in the world, offering the opportunity for free speech and access to information to people who might not otherwise have the chance.I'd have loved to see the moon landings.A day of bad films, video games, chocolate, ice cream and beer.


The opportunity to be part of a growing agency that works on inspiring projects.Instinct Studios.Instructional Designer for an eLearning company in Portland, Oregon in 2001.I found the tictoc website whilst stumbling about online and liked what I saw, so I got in touch.The printing press.The first moon landing.Peewee's Big Adventure.

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