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Cravendales to begin new door drop campaign

Cravendale has begun a door drop campaign to reach over 10 million households across the UK, created by Life.

The campaign will begin on 29 March, delivering money off vouchers in support of the Fresher for Longer messaging, highlighting that Cravendale Milk stays fresh for seven days once opened.

This messaging is also communicated in Cravendale’s ‘Time Traveller’ advertising and through the line marketing.

The door drops will be aimed at pre-families and families, key target audiences of the campaign.

Sam Dolan, brand manager for Cravendale, commented: “Door drop vouchers, area great way of introducing new people to the fresher for longer qualities of Cravendale. The reason our milk stays fresher for longer is because it undergoes a filtration process prior to pasteurisation, which removes more of the bacteria that can cause milk to turn sour.

“We have seen a significant uplift in sales following our past door drops and a great retention in loyal consumers and we hope that the same will happen this year.”

According to the brand, last year’s door drop campaign saw over 200,000 new consumers trial the brand and recorded an uplift in sales of 14%.

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