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Baker denies KLM quit rumours

Paul Baker has told The Drum he has no plans to quit as KLM's creative director and said that he has not been sounded out about a return to McCanns.

Rumours have been circulating within the Midlands media community that Baker is about to quit KLM after nine months at the Birmingham ad agency.

His old position as creative director at McCann Erickson Birmingham becoming available has only added fuel to the fire.

But Baker said suggestions he plans to quit KLM are wide of the mark and that, contrary to the claims of one source, he will not be leaving imminently.

He told The Drum: “It's just rumour. It's obviously come about because of the vacancy at McCanns, but I've had no contact with them.”

After spending five years at McCanns it comes as no surprise that Baker's name has been linked with the agency's creative director post - which will be vacant when incumbent Gary Setchell leaves to become a teacher in April.

As fate would have it Baker was Setchell's successor at KLM when Setchell departed for the creative director position at McCanns last year.

Baker left McCanns in January 2009 to become head of creative at Sutton Coldfield agency WAA, but he resigned just six months later after what is understood to have been a difference of opinion with the agency's board.

He returned to the industry with KLM last June.