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Rotherham Council to use roundabout sponsorship

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is looking to appoint a media company to generate profit from its Highways Sponsorship initiatives in a ‘revenue generating initiative’.

The Council is looking to sell advertising space at roundabouts, boundaries and gateways, and will also begin a train of up to 20 street lighting columns.

Bridge, car parks and subways are other opportunities which could be utilised during the four year contract which begins on 1 April.

The trial of using street lighting columns will run for an initial period of 12 months before a review to decide whether to extend the scheme.

The advertisement explains that the spend on the project will be zero, but a spokesperson for the council explained that the project will be entirely about raising revenue which will be split between the supplier and council.

“The idea is that any income that the supplier generates from the sponsorship will be split between the supplier and the council – the amount of which is what you must specify in the bid. The supplier’s costs should be covered in this way,” they explained.

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