Freshers Week Coors Light promotion given Life

New promotional activity for Coors Light has been created by Life to go live during Freshers’ Week Fortnight.

The campaign for the Molson Coors owned beer brand will launch this week and is aimed at raising awareness of Coors Light among students – and will offer them a free bottle/pint of the product.

The promotion will be highlighted by a door hanger style leaflet which will be handed out on campuses, each with a tearaway voucher that can be redeemed for a free pint or bottle of Coors Light at the Student Union bar.

The brand will also continue to promote the Drinkaware campaign while this campaign will look to provide a positive brand experience to drive future sales as opposed to a ‘money off’ promotional campaign.

This is the second stage of promotional activity implemented by Life for Coors Light, the first of which offered a similar promotion run in conjunction with 36 Bar Risas, and Walkabouts in the UK throughout Freshers’ week.