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Silk Pearce works with cartoonist on Poetry fest programme

The programme for The Twenty First Aldeburgh Poetry Festival has been designed by Silk Pearce, working alongside singer-songwriter and cartoonist Peter Blegvad.

The programme design has taken a step away from previous designs with the Colchester-based design agency choosing the create ‘a cutting-edge, futuristic feel’ as it looks to appeal to new audiences.

Pen and ink drawings of a writer’s hand, an arrow, spinal columns and nerve fibres are being used to illustrate the powerful emotional impact that poetry has and the connections between the head, heart and the written word. A hand-drawn typeface is being used for the main section headings throughout and the programme’s outside back cover includes Blegvad’s cartoon ‘signature’: a small sketch of baby Levi with Bunny, his stuffed toy rabbit.

Naomi Jaffa, director for The Poetry Trust which organises the festival, explained: “This is the seventh year running that Silk Pearce has designed the Festival programme and each year we commission a different illustrator to provide a new take on poetry. Peter Blegvad’s artistic skills and wit make him the perfect artist to mark the Festival’s 21st anniversary: he understands and can translate the power of poetry into illustration and coupled with Silk Pearce’s striking designs has helped ensure that the Festival continues to be fresh, original and evolving.”

25,000 copies of the 36-page programme brochure are being printed with the first batch being mailed to The Poetry Trust’s audience database, sponsors, friends and other contacts this month. The remainder will then be distributed more widely as an insert in major literary or poetry magazines and through arts and tourist information points across the eastern region and at selected outlets throughout the UK.

A PDF copy can be downloaded from the festival tab.

A number of Blegvad’s other illustrations, including comic strips of Levi will be featured in ‘The Poetry Paper’ – The Poetry Trust’s quality annual broadsheet, also designed by Silk Pearce – which is launched at the Festival.

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