Hertz hires JudgeGill for European rental revamp

The design and strategy for Hertz's rental environments has been created by Manchester based JudgeGill.

JudgeGill has moved the service desk area away from being just about 'picking up and dropping off vehicles', aiming to create an inspirational environment that puts customers in touch with the Hertz brand.

The blueprint concept for Hertz's customer service areas has appeared for the first time at Stanstead Airport. The concept is now set to be rolled out across Hertz's European outlets.

The engaging new rental environments bring to life Hertz's brand message 'Love the Road', which is designed to encourage consumers to take car based journeys over other modes of travel.

Kevin Gill of JudgeGill explains: "The colours and materials used in the service areas are all inspired by car journeys - including clean white lineal road markings, jet black tarmac, polished wood dashboards and yellow sunsets against black silhouette, all of which tie in perfectly with Hertz's brand colour palette of yellow and black.

"The environment showcases stunning bespoke artwork to provide inspiration for road trips. The artwork is tailored to its locality – the new Hertz in Stanstead Airport displays the London skyline at sunset."

Hertz operates in 145 countries world-wide.