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Jack Irvine Public Relations Feature

Scotland's Media & Marketing Power 100 (51-100)

By The Drum | Administrator

July 17, 2008 | 35 min read

The continuation of the most powerful people in Media and Marketing in Scotand.

Simon Farrell

Managing Director

Tayburn Edinburgh

1. A big achievement for me personally was the MBO that we were able to structure and implement. I was expecting it to be quite difficult but it was surprisingly smooth. I guess mainly because it was a good thing for all concerned. It was a good thing for Erick who is looking to retire later this year. It was a good thing for the other board members who now have the opportunity to drive the business forward. And a good thing for the company. 2. My ambitions for the coming year are relatively modest. I’d like to see us continuing to keep the strategic and creative standards up, to produce work that has an impact on our clients business and turn in a modest profit. In the longer term I want Tayburn to establish itself as one of the most respected design consultancies in the UK not just Scotland. 3. The next 12-18 months are a bit of a concern. We’ve not been affected as yet but you can’t help but think that the current economic situation is going to have some sort of impact. The stronger companies will get through it unharmed but it’ll be hard graft for the next few months. Once we get through that I have no fears. 4. Something that we do hopefully. 5. I can’t help but admire Steve Jobs and what he’s done for Apple. Everything he touches breaks new ground and has such technical and aesthetic beauty. I wish I was half the pirate he is. 6. An unassuming little number.

Guy Robertson

Managing Director, GRP

Chair of the Scottish IPA

1. Making 21 years in business, staying profitable (just!), staying under 14 stone. 2. Continued good health, wealth and happiness for me and my lovely daughter. 3. The Nanny State, the inexorable rise in nonsensical political correctness, procurement departments who seem to breed like rabbits, the prospect of Independence, plummeting standards in our society, The Lisbon Treaty and the marginalisation of marketing communications. 4. Undoubtedly it will be when someone manages to reach a mass market audience using the digital channels. Probably it will be a Brazilian or Indian Agency. 5. I have always loved the way David Ogilvy combined rigorous research with simple pragmatic creativity and made money while not bowing to convention. 6. I’m certainly more full-bodied than I was in my youth.

Sally Stanley

Marketing Director

Highland Spring Ltd

1. The summer of 2007 was a washout for suppliers of most non alcoholic beverages, so the commercial environment was challenging to say the least. The best achievement for us was to grow the brand well ahead of the market and overtake Volvic by some margin to take 2nd position in the UK market by the end of 2007. 2. For Highland Spring to become the leading brand in the UK market. It’s a big task, but we think we can reach top slot over the next few years. Also, hoping I can manage the NY Marathon this November. 3. I don’t have any specific fears; I worry all the time anyway. 4. Achieving better share of voice in the media against the sustained and unjustified thrashing by politicians and environmental lobbyists about our industry’s so called environmental wastefulness. 5. My late boss, Joe Beeston OBE; he had one of the best strategic brains I’ve ever encountered. 6. This one’s very nutty.

Glen Gribbon

managing Director

Chartered Brands

1. Convincing AGBarr that Vitsmart was the brand for them. You need to love but let go of brands. Everything about the commercial and deal team at AGBarr said they would be great people to move the brand on. I am sure it can be bigger than Irn Bru. 2. A vague general happiness thing, under-pinned by working on a brand that becomes a benchmark for greatness. 3. Graeme Atha playing better than me for three consecutive weeks at five aside. If you know him you will know what I mean. 4. The non intervention toilet freshener....I have seen the future 5. The most supportive, positive and committed boss I have ever had, Brian Megson...he was an accountant who gave you freedom...and supported you when you screwed up. 6. Not in a box, but still rough.

Mark Fowlestone

Managing Director


1. Celebrating a landmark five growth years in business – wish I’d started out independently much earlier; Taking up boxing – should have got fitter sooner; Winning three industry creative awards – most in Scotland; Developing rich partnerships with like minded companies – who needs to be part of a group? 2. Expansion in another location – not doing the same brand of marketing but offering something else in the creative arena 3. Generally I don’t have any fears – a difficult economic environment only brings opportunities and gets you thinking harder; Ongoing difficulty in finding calibre of staff in Scotland. 4. Realness. 5. Tony Wilson – loved it / lived it. 6. This one constantly demands attention – a fruity number that is mostly unpredictable but always memorable - it’s alleged that its secret gypsy recipe gives you special powers.

George Cumming

Managing Director


1. Frame is, and always will be, up for a challenge and the past 12 months have certainly been that. But I can only claim some of the credit for our recent reorganisation, solid senior recruitment and growing profits. The real credit goes to Frame as a team. We’ve retained 100% of our existing clients, won 5 new ones, launched our new digital agency and made another very healthy profit. 2. We exist because our clients need our expertise to communicate effectively with their consumers. We’re always reminding ourselves of that, and our ambitions are closely aligned with those of our clients. Our business ambition of being a great agency to work for and a great agency to work with, is very much in synch with my personal ambition but we also have to be commercially astute. 3. We shouldn’t fear the future but we should plan for it; to minimise risks and make sure we take our chances when they come along. Fear is unhealthy and counter-productive. 4. The mobile marketing area is very interesting – leading edge brands have been using SMS for quite a few years, but that’s very basic. The obvious next steps are free calls being offered to mobile users who accept advertising and commercial messages being streamed to phones that aren’t even active, not to mention pinpointing a user’s geographical whereabouts and sending tailored alerts. We’re already talking to Subway about being at the forefront of these kinds of techniques. 5. If you could amalgamate Gates, Branson and Alex Ferguson you would have a formidable role model. Bill Gates for his vision (and having had to work for so long to build up his pension). Richard Branson for his entrepreneurial flair (and not his goatee nor political afflictions). And Alex Ferguson for his sustained and determined managerial style of building success (not forgetting his eloquent motivational language). And finally, just for sheer badness, Vladimir Romanov! 6. “Weasel’s piss strained through a mouldy balaclava” – That’s Reggie Perrin’s quote, not mine.

Jack Irvine

Executive Chairman

Media House International

1. Assisting tie (Transport Initiatives Edinburgh) and its chairman Willie Gallagher push through the Edinburgh tram project. Achieving victory for Sir Christopher Evans in the Cash for Honours investigation. Building a substantial political department within Media House which is now engaged in a massive UK project. Building up the London office and servicing quality clients such as Dairy UK, Steelcase and Virgin HealthBank. 2. To confirm our position in Scotland as the premier exponents of crisis and political PR and to make an even bigger impact on the London scene. 3. That the financial downturn sees PR fees slashed. That the procurement obsession gripping public life gets worse. There is now a “procurement industry” and it is strangling innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit that Scotland so badly needs replicated in the public sector. 4. It is no longer enough for the PR sector to simply guarantee coverage in print and TV. We now have to be masters of viral marketing, dominate the blogisphere, and produce robust measurement for discerning clients. We now see ourselves as all-embracing business and strategy consultants. Media House finds itself producing high level business intelligence, investigating large scale fraud (where lawyers have failed) and formulating political strategy for elected representatives at local, regional and national level. PR is no longer enough. 5. Rupert Murdoch. He is fearless; he is always ahead of the curve; he takes risks and he takes no prisoners. He is the great media visionary of our age and he had the good sense to hire me – twice! 6. Dark, intense, deep and with a hint of danger. Swallow, don’t spit.

Tino Nombro

Managing Director


1. Keeping Ambergreen at the forefront of this industry and going from strength to strength is fantastic. And of course we have also seen the acquisition and integration of Lightershade and the appointment of John Denholm as chairman. 2. Ambergreen has a reputation as an early pioneer of search. Our ambition is to keep Ambergreen leading the way as one of the most successful online agencies in the UK. 3. A lot of good companies will really struggle in the current economic climate. Their fortunes might have been very different had they embraced online earlier in their strategies as they would have been ahead of the game now. 4. Online advertising spend overtaking TV by 2010 was predicted earlier this year by the IAB making online the largest element of the marketing mix. Despite this growth being well documented over the last five years, it is probably still going to surprise some traditional admen. 5. Don’t really have a role model, but do enjoy watching Gordon Ramsay use a simple formula that works every time, whilst delivering it in an honest straight talking style. 6. A young, new world wine, robust and bursting with life.

Gregor Mina

Marketing Director

Belhaven Brewery

1. On a personal level it would be making the move from the Finance sector into the Drinks Industry. At a brand level the sponsorship of Scottish Rugby by Belhaven Best is an exciting new venture, but the longevity of our partnership with Scottish Golf is equally important. 2. Professionally, to continue to grow the Best brand in a declining market is the number one priority. Personally, learning to play Golf is also an ambition! 3. That the media continue to talk this county into a recession. I think they have a responsibility to avoid sensationalist journalism and continually referring to the ‘credit crunch’ is leading to a self fulfilling prophecy. 4. I think we will begin to see a dichotomy occur between the on and off trade, where premium higher ABV brands in the on trade become less popular, whereas higher strength bottled speciality brands in the off trade become more accepted. 5. Stuart Ross, group managing director at Belhaven, has an amazing eye for detail and gets to heart of any issue quickly. 6. Like running through nettles in a shellsuit…

Sera Miller

Founding Partner, Material

Marketing & Communications

1. We’ve launched some great new work like the Scottish FA Youth Brand, won some fantastic awards like the UK Sports Industry Award for Midnightleague and Marketing Excellence Awards for Bank of Scotland TotalART and the Scotland National Team, and we’re still innovating within projects like T in the Park’s 15th Year. We’ve also won some amazing new business like Beck’s. Plus personally, I’ve managed to fit in having a baby, which is reward in itself. 2. Now we’re five years in, we’ve got a game plan mapped for the next five years and beyond with some pretty big, scary, ballsy goals – nothing that’s worth having comes easily. 3. I don’t believe in fears, I believe in challenges and I think our biggest ones will come out of our ambitions. 4. Consumer choice and a role which allows them to shape brand’s activities through direct involvement. What consumers say about your brand is now more important than what you say and brands need to get better at story telling, putting consumers at the heart of that story. Legislation is also going to play a much more direct role, particularly where alcohol brands are concerned. 5. I have a great deal of respect for anyone in business who has continued to be an innovator and have embraced growth whilst remaining creative, adaptable and without compromising their values, culture and integrity. People like Anita Roddick and Vivienne Westwood. A fashion icon might not seem the most obvious role model for what I do, but she started her business to be part of a revolution she had a major hand in creating. 6. I think she’d have to quote from the late, great Eric Morcambe’s infamous wine tasting sketch – “Cheeky… with thick ankles.”

David Craik

Head of Marketing


1. Got married. 2. Stay married. 3. Being married. 4. Secondwifeboobtubespacefacewikiwidgets. 4.0. 5. Yoda: “Do or do not, there is no try”. 6. Gets you drunk.

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Lisa Stephenson

Director of Marketing &


Lloyds TSB

1. Continuing to see the business grow across all key lines as well as the introduction of innovative new products and services to the customer. Our sponsorship programme and overall marketing communications have been excellent with great success attributed to our Scottish Cricket sponsorship and last month we saw our sponsorship at the National Galleries commence. We also launched our new Scotland marketing campaign and have also won a number of key awards based on our marketing strategies. 2. Our aim is to become Scotland’s Most Recommended Bank and our activities are aligned to support that – so achieving that goal and continuing to see business growth will be excellent. 3. We are in for an interesting time with the credit crunch. 4. The sector continues to see some great innovations – the increase of mobile banking and cashless payments and also the way we communicate with customers. 5. Sir Richard Branson for his entrepreneurship and business diversity, the late Anita Roddick for her consumer insight, Sir Tom Hunter for his philanthropy. 6. A Grand Cru champagne – sparkling and fun, but very expensive!

Andy McArthur

Head of social Marketing


Ian Wright

Managing Director


1. Working with my fellow directors to change our business model, which involved some very difficult decisions. A year on, our decisions have been vindicated. 2. That Family continues to be seen as a real communications partner, with a strong commercial streak, we grow and develop our talent and develop our JV/partnership business model adding more skills and new markets. 3. Current economic downturn is starting to bite, Scotland plc shrinking, being able to compete on the global stage. 4. Can’t think of anything bigger than digital – the real challenge is for us all to embrace it and use it to its full potential. 5. A good mate of mine. From humble beginnings, made it to the top of British business through a combination of determination, risk taking and spell-binding chat! Importantly he’s still the same guy I met 25 years ago. 6. Full of flavour, bubbly and energetic, with a hint of mischief and a long finish.

Isabell Reid

Head of Communications

The City of Edinburgh Council

Charles McGhee


The Herald

Tim Bowdler

Chief Executive

Johnston Press

Neil Gibson


Big Partnership

1. Continuing BIG’s growth and delivering some fantastic campaigns for a wide spread of clients. 2. While BIG has been the number one PR agency outside London for the last two years, we still believe there’s potential for further growth, particularly outside Scotland. 3. Clearly the credit crunch is affecting some businesses and this will impact on the marketing services sector. However, PR as a discipline is perhaps better placed – and people need to beware talking the market into a recession! 4. We’re working on it. 5. Billy Bremner was my hero as a boy but I lacked a key ingredient to follow in his footsteps – footballing talent. In business, You’ve got to admire the achievements of Sir Martin Sorrell and Richard Edelman who have built up global comms businesses. 6. I think I’d prefer to be a malt whisky – mellow, complex but with a surprising kick.

Nora Senior

Managing Director

Weber Shandwick

1. Being honoured with a Stevie Global Award for Best Business Leader against stiff competition from global CEO’s; WS Scotland being awarded ‘world class’ rating for its management team and its training and development programmes by IIP accreditors; achieving double digit income growth for the 5th year running; growing our people and offices. 2. Developing and strengthening our leadership team through internal promotions and training; opening two new offices in the next two years; assisting in driving the success of those companies I am a non-exec director of. 3. Companies cutting back on marketing expenditure; falling educational standards; not investing in transport and communication improvements. 4. New media – webcasts; podcasts; blogs... 5. Linda Bennett founder LK Bennett – founded her chain in a recession and did it through hard graft, entrepreneurial spirit and sheer determination. 6. Delicious... Naturally red...(haha) spicy with hidden drunk at parties.

Ian Dommett

Managing Director

Golley Slater

1. Still glowing from election success with the SNP, we’ve increased the size of the business by 30%, won more pitches than we lost, established strong teams in advertising, PR and online and had some fun along the way. 2. We will be a top five agency in advertising, PR and digital in the next 12 months, win some awards, double the size of the agency in terms of billings and staff numbers andkeep enjoying it, most of the time. 3. Perceptions of recession change marketing investments into marketing costs. Those of us old enough to have been through it before know it’s like a bumpy flight: you don’t stop your motors halfway. 4. It’s a small one: the gap between online and offline will disappear. 5. John Grant is a good thinker and has seen how the world of marketing is changing. 6. Worth laying down.

Allison Crawford

Standard Life Bank

Caroline McGrath

Managing Director

The Media Shop

1. The Company has just celebrated its 20th birthday which we consider to be no small achievement. The job last year as in all previous years was to run the business well by keeping our clients satisfied with the quality of work we do on their behalf. We appear to be succeeding on both of those fronts. 2. Yet more success for our clients and our team and many happy birthdays ahead for us all. 3. In business I try not to entertain unnecessary fear, it clouds good commercial thinking and the job is tough enough without adding paranoia to the mix. 4. I’m sure we’ll all know it when we see it. 5. My Dad ran a local petrol station in a small town in Ireland. He sold second-hand cars and built a thriving hire business as well. His customers loved him and he always managed to drive a beautiful new car himself. They’d wave as he drove past. I wish now that I had asked him his business secret. 6. Will fizz over if shaken roughly!

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Keith Forbes

Managing Director

Good Creative

1. The birth of my son Angus. 2. Do better work. Be a really good dad and husband. 3. Widespread apathy. 4. Effective design. 5. Don’t have one, but I admire the likes of Yvon Chouinard.

Scott Taylor

Chief Executive

Glasgow City Marketing Bureau

1. My ambition is to continue to have the support of this incredible team around me. When the accelerator pedal goes down, the traction is explosive - these guys respond like a Formula One Car! A brilliant committed bunch of people work at GCMB. Lets get real – I am in this list as one of GCMB Team Glasgow. 2. To be able to cook a good risotto. 3. Eating my next risotto. 4. Web 3,4,5,6… Its never been more exciting and challenging to reach customers. Phew! 5. There are many great role models; how about Easyjet. The people in Easyland keep it simple, honest and fun and they run a great brand too. 6. Corked!

Lesley Alexander

Managing Director


1. Refocusing the business to concentrate on Smarts becoming the PR-led communications brand within the Media Square portfolio and winning the global PR account for a major Brazilian-based business. 2. To significantly grow the Scottish operation of Smarts, further develop our skill set and service offering and together with Smarts in Birmingham and Belfast further increase our contribution to Media Square. 3. The economic downturn and its impact on marketing spend. 4. More of a continuation of a few trends: PR playing an increasing role in wider marketing communications – in influence, share of spend and services offered; Greater integration of online and offline comms; An increasing role for sound CSR strategies in reputation management. 5. There’s many I admire but no one individual that I would say is a role model. 6. A fruity little number, with hidden depths and a hint of effervescence, that becomes more full bodied with age!

Richard Bissland

Principal Director


1. Making a healthy profit in a buyer’s market, the re-organisation of 999 UK-wide and putting in place an excellent team of people to move 999 Design forward. Always room for improvement though. Also, growing the digital side of the group has taken priority. 2. Our aim is to grow 999 into a top 10 UK Design business within 4/5 years. Attract more top people to the company and continue to work with design conscious clients. 3. Other than drowning in a sea of political correctness and watching everyone talk themselves into recession I’m relatively positive for the future. If there is a recession, 999 isn’t taking part. 4. My backside unless I get to the gym more often. 5. My role model is a little bloke in Cuitadella. He serves grilled sardines and cold beer to a never ending array of customers on a nice sunny, sandy beach. Lucky sod! He has my CV. 6. Doesn’t have the breeding of a Chateau Lafite but this full bodied [and getting fuller] little rascal is worth a swig. You’ll be amused by its lack of pretence and very satisfying finish.

Sue Holloway

Managing Director


1. Three achievements stand out, the first is MediaVision achieving its tenth anniversary; the second is Nicola Hutchinson who started as a junior when the company first opened its doors becoming the company’s media director; the final is increasing the company’s turnover in excess of 50% for the second year in a row! 2. Continued international growth, through increasing our offshore billings – we’re currently planning and buying media across Europe, in North America and to sustain our current UK growth. 3. The difficult financial marketplace evident throughout the world today – with many good businesses, particularly retail ones, being effectively “strangled” by credit insurance organizations unwilling to help them trade through their difficulties. 4. With many merely paying lip service to “integrated” media planning, the potential success of genuinely integrated media planning of campaigns, incorporating ‘non-media’ disciplines such as PR and sales promotion alongside digital media in tandem with traditional media, will become evident. 5. David Moulsedale is an inspirational figure for me with his amazing vision, energy and determination to succeed all characteristics to be admired. Michael O’leary for sheer relentless determination to succeed is also a business favourite. 6. A classic Salon champagne; “Mastery character, elegance and bright vitality, a complex wine indeed; drinking well currently but with best years yet to come.”

Graham Milne

Managing Partner

Spirit Media

1. Working with my colleagues to achieve a fifth successive year of growth. 2. To expand the business geographically and in terms of areas of expertise. 3. A continuing erosion of the value of thought and service. 4. Digital planning becoming increasingly professional. 5. None. 6. Extremely good value, buy a case.

John Denholm

Managing Director

Denholm Associates

Chris Wallace

Communications Director

Scottish Water

Julie McGarvey

Managing Director


1. Record performance of the business in 2007 thanks to the development and hard work of Team 3x1 and an extremely loyal and appreciative client base. 2. While the majority of our campaigns are UK-wide many of our clients have global interests, therefore I’d like to raise the bar and grow international campaigns. 3. I think it’s important that Scotland maintains the confidence it has gained over the last few years. We are in danger of talking ourselves into a recession. 4. The integration of web 4.0 and social networking across mainstream campaigns. 5. I don’t have a single role model. I surround myself with positive, energising people for inspiration. 6. Sparkling and bubbly.

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Laurna O’Donnell

Group Managing Director

Beattie Media Group

1. We have launched an internet marketing arm, Dmarkable, in response to an increasing number of clients requesting internet marketing strategies. We have also won lots of new business, including Sri Lankan Airlines, wine brokerage Bordeaux Index, high street retailer USC, Buchanan Galleries. We have recruited a new consumer team in Glasgow and further grown our London consumer team. We have also significantly extended our remits with existing clients and continue to deliver for some of the biggest names in the UK, including M&S, Specsavers, Kerry Foods and GlaxoSmithKline. We have also grown our Year On Year operating profit by 35%. 2. To continue to grow the business, especially the internet marketing side, where the opportunities are endless. 3. We are bracing ourselves for a recession or at least a slowdown in the economy. We are already taking steps to review all our costs so that we emerge even stronger. 4. Internet marketing – it’s already happened but lots of businesses don’t know it yet, or are scared of it. 5. Gordon Ramsay. He says it likes it is, has no fear of failure and his ambition knows no bounds. 6. Young, refreshing and different, with a surprising boldness that gives more established vintages a run for their money. Will get even better with age.

Mark Cuthbert

managing director

Progressive Partnership

1. We worked with Mediacom on a project for the Government that used econometric modelling to help guide Government communications strategy and expenditure. This was real ground breaking stuff which was very exciting. Plus we have started working with some excellent new clients. In addition we have just been appointed to be on the BBC research roster - for all their UK work. 2. To keep getting a buzz out of what I do and to keep working with people I admire. From the company perspective we are aiming to continue to build strong working relationships with existing and new clients. 3. Economic fluctuations aside, my biggest ‘fears’ typically relate to the fact that market research, as an industry, needs to keep a close eye on its reputation. If the population gets too cynical about what we do, it is going to get tougher and tougher to do our jobs. It is therefore incumbent on us to make sure we are not drowned by the unscrupulous behaviour of a few sales people. 4. Use of the on-line platform for research is throwing up amazing opportunities. We are working on some exciting ideas. 5. Whenever I am asked this I say Jim Faulds. I am full of admiration for what he has done and continues to do. 6. Good with chips – and possibly on them too.

Jim Law

Managing Director

mruk research

1. Becoming part of Cello group plc ; significant growth & expansion ; adoption of new interviewing technology; restructuring the company; firmly establishing our London office – all in all, just a typical year! 2. Professionally – to realise the potential in the people we have in the company. 3. No real fears – we just have to keep adapting and evolving. 4. Research by assumption & telepathy – there is a lot of it going on and it will be great when someone perfects it. Until then we’ll need to stick to engaging with people. 5. Gave up trying to emulate others some time ago. Try to stick with my own principles and values. 6. Mature, consistent, well rounded…but not quite as expected!

Peter Mill

Managing Director

60 Watt

1. Do some great work. Win new business. Win awards. Get our new website up and running. Have fun. Make a profit! 2. Become the Cormac McCarthy of copywriters. 3. Being robbed at the Drum awards. 4. Same as it ever was – big ideas. 5. Mark (Rhino) Gorman. Thick skinned and charges a lot. 6. Gets along very well with cheese.

Fiona Proudler

Creative Services


1. Significant growth in turnover and profits at Realise. A series of important new business wins. Hiring of some genuine “ones to watch” such as senior technical developer Richard Lennox. Getting involved in creating the foundations of a new digital industry organisation for Scotland. (Winning the inaugural Individual of the Year award (jointly) at the DADIs was a real bonus too). 2. I would like to see more meaningful and collaborative working within the digital agencies. That the bridge between marketing and IT will reduce over time with better education. That technology will become more palatable and understandable to those not qualified in back end coding! 3. We do not encourage or nurture enough digital talent to come to, or stay in, Scotland. 4. In Scotland, the launch of Digital Agencies Scotland is an important project. It has been set up to support the digital sector with a view to sharing knowledge, setting standards for best practice and to address some of the key challenges facing web agencies ambitious to expand and develop. 5. CEO of Realise, Tony Murphy – he hasn’t done it all yet but he is incredibly motivated and hungry for more, constantly studying business best practice from around the world. His enthusiasm, intelligence and dynamism is infectious. 6. Worth every penny! (although I doubt I would be pretentious enough as a wine to be reviewed by her).

John Morgan

Chief Executive


Angela Casey

Managing Director

Porter Novelli

1. Winning some iconic clients and seeing our staff thrive on working for them. 2. More icons, more passion. 3. That the economic climate might put a squeeze on the big private sector PR clients in Scotland. It is so important that we continue to compete against London. 4. The Government Roster will be the big one for many people. Plus in public affairs possible lobbying registration following what is happening in Brussels. 5. I would love to say Alan Sugar, but cannot take him seriously because of the odd way he points - it is so unaggressive! 6. A cheeky little number.

Ruaridh Macdonald

Sales & Marketing Director

Macdonald Hotels and Resorts

1. Streamlining the whole marketing function in both the hotels and resorts divisions, building a team of motivated and experienced marketers specialising in specific disciplines, creating a number of high return campaigns both on and off line, taking on sales as well as marketing. 2. To see the tourism industry in the UK and particularly Scotland work together to make a successful competitive business and leisure tourism destination, finally, to see my two kids grow up and be healthy and happy in whatever they chose to do! 3. Continuation of the current economic climate, hampering development and economic growth, the Scottish planning system and finally my kids growing up in the world we’re currently living in. 4. Along side the seismic shift from the phone to the internet to make reservations, further polarisation of UK hotel market. 5. A tough one but I would say Donald Macdonald our executive chairman, primarily for his passion for our business, our people and our industry. I would also say Tom Farmer, a very down to earth and intelligent man who has consistently seen the bigger picture not only in his own businesses but in many other industries. 6. Ageing well with a real depth of flavour, a young robust red with hints of spice and fruitiness, best opened, decanted, left to breathe and then sipped to enjoy the many flavours.

Susanne George

Managing director

Denvir Marketing

1. Partnering our clients in some record breaking business growth. Growing our team in both size and capabilities. Entering new sectors and geographical markets. Maintaining double digit growth. Staying on the surf board and not swallowing too much water! 2. Build more great brands that create value and jobs. Build great careers where people learn more than they could anywhere else. Inspire more talent into our industry. 3. That the current challenging climate engenders negativity... Scots are great in adversity so we should embrace the current climate and be thriving over the next few years. 4. Local as the new global. 5. Martin Sorrel – for his success in the business of being creative. 6. A new label from a classic vineyard...surprisingly be sipped, savoured and enjoyed.

Jane Cumming

Managing Director

Platform PR

1. Opened a Glasgow office for Platform PR, headed up by Flora Martin, which is already proving a great success. 2. I aim to keep building up our business by working on interesting projects for great clients. 3. If I worried too much about the future I wouldn’t be where I am today – being gloomy about the future is something we seem to specialise in as Scots. 4. Digital PR, social media, new media, whatever you call it, we will be using it more and more as the traditional media continue to falter. Lots of people say they are doing it, but very few are taking it seriously. Writing a blog does not mean you have a digital PR strategy. 5. One of my old bosses, Tony Smith was brilliant at keeping everybody focused on what was important to customers and one of my clients, Willie Heller, is a great example of someone who is incredibly successful without ever being rude, brash or unpleasant. 6. Full-bodied, robust, a little peppery on occasion but with a hint of sweetness...

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Chris Eynon

Managing Director

TNS Public Services

1. TNS winning the contract for the Scottish Crime & Justice Survey. 2. To continue to grow our business as a leading research supplier in Scotland. 3. None. 4. The Scottish Government roster. 5. None in particular. 6. Aged well, good body!

Yvonne Balfour

Chair of DMA Scotland

1. Delivering our second son in November and another successful year for the agency. 2. To achieve a good work/life balance. 3. None really. 4. Tangible communications that deliver real results. 5. Sir Alan Sugar, for his sense of fair play. 6. Best served chilled accompanied by fine food.

Cathy Kirk

Station Manager

Radio Forth

Jo Coomber

Managing Director


1. Moving to a new city, changing career direction, growing the team with new talent and seeing one of our designers win “emerging designer of the year” and of course working on some fascinating projects for clients. 2. For the creative industries to ride the wave of the current economic climate. To collaborate more – with clients and with other agencies. To continue to be involved in international brand development work. 3. I don’t want to add any more fears beyond the widespread and much talked about current concerns. 4. The growth in digital has to be at the forefront of all our minds – whether mobile promotional vouchers or digital corporate reporting. 5. Inspiration comes from many places, not just one. From colleagues, people I have worked with in the past, from Anita Roddick for her belief that businesses can do good, from my friend Hannah McGill for making a bold move for the dates of the film festival, from Kate Adie for her memorable reporting from war zones. 6. I would be a structured, vibrant and delicious tipple. Perfect for a summer’s evening.

Fife Hyland

Chief Executive

Platinum One Group

1. Being entrusted with Platinum One in the UK. 2. To keep life interesting. 3. Appearing on a list like this again. 4. Nanny state legislation banning alcohol brands, then gaming brands, then… 5. Nick Peel – always creative, always commercial, gets things done. 6. Seems to increase in body with age.

Iain Valentine

Creative Director


1. Managing steady growth, recruiting talented new staff to ensure we are offering the very best possible advice and service to clients. 2. Playing at the top of our game, ensuring everyone at Whitespace is part of something great and having a lot of fun along the way. 3. Other than making sure we can continue to recruit talented people to join the team, and enlightened clients to work with, no fears, only optimism. 4. Ideas are everything, media is anything. I hope the next big thing is the realisation that this is actually true. 5. The trick I have found is to be open to advice from all directions, sifting out the valuable stuff and learning by other people’s mistakes. 6. Easy going, developing nicely with good structure. Think Vanilla Ice with a touch of the farmyard. An excellent buy.

Zoe Corsi

Managing Director

The Big Partnership, Aberdeen

1. Achieving significant growth in both profits and turnover for the sixth consecutive year. 2. To continue to grow, capitalising on the buoyant global oil and gas market. 3. That the precarious state of the UK economy worsens. 4. Dealing with the fall-out of the world-wide web crash. 5. Stewart Milne - one canny businessman with the patience of a saint and a wicked sense of humour. 6. Fruity with a long-lasting after taste.

Carol Matthews

founder, Matthews Marketing

and chair of the CIPR

1.Winning the Scottish Thistle Award for Marketing Initiative; being elected Chair of the Chartered Institute of PR Scotland; securing the clients we had targeted for 2008 and on a personal level, maintaining happy balance of work and family life and completing the Caledonian Challenge within 21 hours. 2. To quote Talking Heads, “The same as it ever was…” happy family, happy work and more brilliant projects. 3. Global economic downturn, cultural divide and an empty fridge. 4. Predominantly, I work within the arts and tourism sectors – the next big thing will be how we manage the environmental pressures impacting on the world tourism industry and how travel and transport across all sectors must become more socially responsible. 5. Jay-Z: his work ethos is tremendous; he’s a self made multi millionaire who started life with two things - rhythm skills and determination; his business interests are diverse, only working on projects of personal interest and he remains completely focused. All that and he got the girl! 6. Fortified.

Nicky Coia

Senior Health

Promotion Officer

Greater Glasgow Health Board

Terry Murden

Business and City Editor

Scotland on Sunday

1. Driving a team that has been breaking stories ahead of our London rivals. 2. After 28 years in the business, to continue improving as a journalist. 3. That newspaper bosses will run out of ideas and panic. 4. Big titles going free. 5. Anyone who puts substance ahead of style and honesty ahead of sycophancy. There is no substitute for accuracy and the truth. 6. Neither smooth, nor mellow.

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