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IPA ‘disappointed’ by 2014 games bill being passed

The IPA has made known its disappointment following the passing of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Bill preventing small Glasgow businesses using the games to promote their business.

This act will put in place measures to protect the 2014 Games from ticket touts and ‘ambush’ marketing, while also providing powers to address matters such as land purchase and transport.

However, one of the main measures of the act will be the creation of new criminal offences prohibiting unauthorised advertising and outdoor trading within the vicinity of Games venues, with penalties following conviction of a fine of up to £20,000 or an unlimited fine on conviction or indictment.

Marina Palomba, legal director of the IPA said that it had been in discussions with the Scottish Government about the aims and objectives on restrictions on advertising the games but was “disappointed” that the associate right, similar to that of the London Olympic Games, was deemed necessary.

“Despite assurances during the debate over the London Olympic Association Right that no other major event holder would have such rights, especially since it is only the Olympics that is a clean venue event, it has been a forgone conclusion that the organisers of the Glasgow Games will be able to exercise rights that will prevent local business from referring to the event. We are not convinced this is in the best interest of Scotland, the UK, or official sponsors.

“The IPA fully supports the Games, an association right however is not needed and will hinder rather than help the Games’ success for local people.” continued Palomba.

Sport Minister, Stewart Maxwell said: “Measures are now in place to protect the Games and clamp down on activities that could undermine the integrity of the occasion.”

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