By The Drum, Administrator

April 3, 2008 | 3 min read

Reform Creative

Bankhall Investment Associates

How negative! Last year’s event was terrible, but this year it’s ever so slightly better – honest. The negative start is used for a purpose, and the overall design has a clean, crisp feel to it but it left me cold. It suggests that several previous events have been dull and doesn’t do enough to redress this balance. 4/10

Iris Manchester ad poster

The use of white space suggests a relaxed and confident brand positioning, which seems to be aligned with the concept of the site. The creative is clever enough to raise a smile without being so pretentious to put anyone off. 8/10

Code Computerlove

First TransPennine Express

Very flash - I like the graphics and the fonts used on the tabs, not sure why this hasn’t been followed through in each of the information sections though. This area of the site works well with the ‘European City of Culture’ tag, helping to promote Liverpool and encourage visitors. It doesn’t work with the rest of the website particularly well if I were to be ultra-critical though. 7/10

Fuse8 is clearly in line with the Storm brand. The design is funky, young, sexy and image conscious. The functionality is also both clear and intuitive. I would imagine that Storm are very pleased with what Fuse8 have developed for them. 9/10


Suzuki Swift

The advert targets ‘young drivers’, but I am not convinced that it hits the mark. The underlying message is that the Suzuki Swift is a ‘city car’ and if general model awareness is the only objective, it just about does it. What it doesn’t seem to do however, is tell us anything about what the ‘Splash’ is specifically or how it might appeal to the target audience. 3 /10

Bray Leino

Sugar Puffs TV ad

Quite a contentious ad at the moment for one simple reason! I can see what Bray Leino wanted to achieve and it’s certainly got people talking, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. It might not be a direct rip off, but it is definitely very similar in style and is clearly ‘influenced’ by the hit comedy, The Mighty Boosh. 4/10