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March 27, 2008 | 2 min read


Morisons Solicitors

Expensive looking and feeling creative, strong positioning of brand on front cover that will appeal to the corporate market. Goes with the current fashion at the moment for legal firms to step away from the norm, some pull it off other’s don’t. Not sure if this would give me the confidence. Although, it’s not me they are trying to appeal to. 5/10


City AM press ads

I like these, they are well thought out and will certainly engage. However, the use of the dog smoking may seem a bit inappropriate and controversial. Animal Rights will be on the phone! Call to action and branding could be a bit bolder to draw you in more. 8/10


Bulmers pear cider posters

Not a cider drinker but if I was this would appeal. Creative is clean and colourful and makes you thirsty. Clever use of pear design, though it is a bit too subtle for me. Don’t get the typography used in the headline – it doesn’t fit with rest of ad. 7/10

The Union/Lucid

Kill Jill advert

I loved this. Straight talking, hard hitting ad that takes the traditional model of taking people out of the comfort zone to the next level. The ad is instantly recognisable and will easily lend itself to other activity. Makes you want to sign up. Needs to be shown post-watershed, It would scare the hell out of my eight year old son! 10/10


Livingston Shopping centre

Clever use of graphics, appealing and eye-catching. The graphics link well with the event timing and activity. However, the key information is not prominent enough, would like to see a better balance between the creative execution and the call to action. I want to eat the egg! 6/10

Frame Newhaven Union

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