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March 20, 2008 | 2 min read


Semperit Tyres press ad

Dividing the page to visibly show a contrast, complexity versus simplicity, works well – my eye was immediately drawn to the message on the right. The use of a typographical story to highlight how even a simplest journey can become over-complicated was clever, it reinforced the overall message that Semperit Tyres offers a straightforward choice. 8/10

Speak2 TV ad

Giving each duck its own accent clearly breaks the advert into three distinct parts, enabling three messages to be delivered. The use of a broad Manchester accent should work well with target audience, considering the air-time is during Coronation Street. The use of two brand colours to highlight that the organisation provide homes for sale and rent was a strong visual to deliver that message. 7/10

Live & Breathe

LA Fitness sales promotion

Love the concept of giving a short-term membership gift pack, especially with its bundled extras. It gives new users a taste of the benefits of gym membership without the long term commitment. The collateral inside the gift box was informative, stylish and quirky, but the external packaging let it down. 6/10

Silk Pearce

Royal Mail stamp design

In a digital age I can’t help but think that stamp collections are clearly aimed at the older generation. With this target market in mind, these images will definitely have strong appeal. A great way to celebrate Northern Ireland’s landmarks and historic sites, as well as its patron. 7/10

The Gate Films/RLA

Teleflorist viral

This is a subtle yet humorous and effective message, communicating that the company do not manufacture their flowers in warehouses or send them in boxes. I think that this is a great and cost effective viral - it captures the imagination and yet is easy to understand, making it an effective piece of marketing. It is also simple, communicating only one key message rather than bombarding the consumer with multiple messages. 8/10

PHWT RLA Silk Pearce

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