New Year Resolutions 2008

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December 13, 2007 | 9 min read

Shaping up nicely

Alan O’Hagan, managing director, Alan O'Hagan Advertising

To read more good books and ignore crap TV like "I"'m a Z list celebrity get me on telly," “For XXXX sake it's the Simon Cowell show," and the one where the rugby players dance like your pissed uncle at a wedding.

Simon Farrell, managing director, Tayburn

This year I have one. To spend less time in my car. For the long journeys I’ll try and use the train. I’m always amazed how much you can get done on a train and a great time to think things through. And for short journeys I’ll be on my bike.

Zane Radcliffe, partner, Newhaven

I resolve ... To watch and enjoy every beautiful minute of a European Championships that does not feature bald-headed, beer-bellied Englishmen getting power-hosed off the streets of Vienna. To introduce a cap on foreign employees in all Scottish agencies. To have a ready-made conspiracy theory for every time we lose a pitch (alternatively, I resolve to simply blame the state of the pitch itself). To instigate a 'root and branch' investigation into why there's a roll-off on the agency pool table. To get a 'David Healy' tattoo.

Ian McAteer, group chairman, The Union

My New Year’s resolution is to give up all my worldly possessions, don a horse-hair robe, spend two years walking to the Himalayas, and live the rest of my life in a cave, eating nothing but uchuva berries.

Gary Cameron, director, Marketing Concepts

What I would like for 2008 is more sleep but that’s in the hands of my soon to be one year old daughter, so I'll just have to wait and see. I guess my one New Year's Resolution has to be to try and have as good a year in 2008, professionally and personally, as in 2007.

Jo Coomber, managing director, Elmwood

In the office: To drive the next chapter of Elmwood's growth North of the border - and beyond. To see Elmwood’s reputation for creative and effective digital work grow to the next level. To make myself take some "time out" in the office and get going with that table tennis tournament. At home: To get out into the beautiful Scottish countryside more (one of the reasons why I moved back after all!) To put my languages into practice more than just once a year on hols. To make time for practicing what I’ll learn on my upcoming day at Nick Nairn’s Cook School.

Helen Hourston, managing director, IAS Smarts

More family time, more friend time, more exercise, more optimism, more challenges, more laughs. Less wastage, less pressure, less pessimism, less alcohol, less commitments I can't keep.

Scott McCallum, client services director, Avian

I can't seem to shift this almighty hangover. Reminder: must invent new analgesic for Scottish market then retire to count my money. Failing that, continue in the day job promoting the best kept secret in Scotland. Is it because we are in Dundee? Is it because we keep our heads below the parapet, yet we work with some of the country's biggest brands. With a down turn in the market predicted clients are clearly going to be looking for the ROI that Avian's marketing and digital provides. Now where's that Chemistry set?

Graeme Atha, managing director, Frame

2008 happens to be a big year for me. Not only do I have some resolutions but a full campaign called "Fit for Fifty." Apart from the obvious weight and health commitments I intend to fully recharge and reconnect. To recharge I will take a "gap month" round world trip in February. To reconnect I will head for Glastonbury in June with a group of close mates to refind my soul. At Frame we will continue to create something great.

Mike Lynch, commercial director, Nevis

We want to continue to do award-winning work with great clients. Clients that want to buy Nevis and what we represent. We want to continue to win new work by pitching the correct way – with the winning idea, not just with a bunch of lottery tickets. We want to grow new offers organically and continue to push Nevis as an integrated consultancy. We want to continue to provide a fun and stimulating working environment. For Nevis and for clients. We all want to eat, drink and smoke more and do less exercise.

Ian Moran, director, Basestation

In 2008 I aim to have a fast moving business and a slow moving lifestyle. We recently moved to larger premises which have contributed to our success this year and I would not be opposed to the idea of acquiring larger premises again if it means moving further into Edinburgh’s creative design hub. Expanding our in-house expertise to include a specialist in 3D graphics to meet client demand is also important. With so much happening at Basestation, I plan to relax in my new country home in Heriot.

John McLeish, managing director, Equator

To spend more time with our clients and everyone in Equator as they are all vital to the company’s success. I also intend to raise Equator's profile and ensure that everyone is aware of how great a force we are in the UK’s digital market. I would also like to give something back by doing my bit for charity. And last but not least, trying to address the work/life balance in order to spend more time with my kids.

John Morgan, managing director, Merle

In 2008 - as well as praying for less loony political correctness; an end to outrageous soft sentencing of people who shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day again; and someone to champion us (the disenfranchised) against the erosion of what we stand for by faceless people in foreign places who are envious of what we have and who we are. I resolve to do some things more and some things less than I did in 2007 – get up later and go to bed earlier; get more right than wrong and know the difference; do one more person a good turn and ask for one more favour; make one more friend and lose one more enemy; buy one more Big Issue and make one more client famous. Not too much to ask, really.

Shona Macivor, managing director, Locofoco

To be in the office at 8am. To be not rushing always. To wear a Prada suit. To be great at Ceroc (French jive). To buy a pair of red dance shoes. To be 2.5 stones lighter. To go to Vienna. To climb three munros. To fall in love at least five times.

Sarah Ronald, Managing Director, Bunnyfoot

I’ve never been a fan of new year’s resolutions. You end up setting yourself up for a disappointment as no one ever keeps them past mid January. It's bizarre we feel obliged to change some aspect of our lives at the end of the year, I’m more a fan of believing this is something we should be doing on a regular basis throughout the year. That said, I succumbed to the pressure last year and like most people, I promised myself I would be more organised. On the whole I have kept my promise, however the desk tidy I bought myself is still in its box!

Heather Luscombe-Leach, marketing and communications director, Bigmouthmedia

To get 'big air' on my snowboard, ideally without serious injury. To work some days from home and see a lot more of my three children as well as hubby, Steve. To continue the growth of Bigmouthmedia, we're on target to beat the £100m mark this year. To have a cheeky dram and be taxied home by my daughter rather than the other way round! To take a lunchbreak once in a while and hit the gym more. There’s also an outside chance I'll learn to use my beautiful shiny Aga... then again it’ll probably be the local take-away on speed-dial for another year!

Gillian O’Neil, managing director, Moviecom TV

1. 150 channels live on Moviecom TV the Online TV Channel for business. 2. 450,000 visitors by June 2008. 3. A weekend at Space Camp, (particularly the zero gravity chamber). 4. Whiz round Silverstone in a Formula One Ferrari. 5. Switch off my laptop before 9pm. 6. New York for the big 40. 7.Treble Moviecom KPIs by June 2008. 8. Catch some sleep in between expansion. 9. Replace caffeine with decaf. 10. Lose weight (not likely!).

Scott McBride, managing director, oceanseventy

Not one for resolutions I’d probably qualify these as ‘ambitions’ for 2008. Personally I’m aiming to travel more in Asia. Discovered my passion for the region a few years ago, and head back to the slopes after a 10 year injury ridden break. At oceanseventy our plan is to grow our client base south of the border and in Ireland, whilst expanding the digital division as it enters its full calendar year of operation on the back of some nice work. Ambitious ambitions for 2008.

Adrian Jeffery, director, Mightysmall

Give up hoping that one day the Windsor Buffet will serve pies with their pints. Give up IP to all of our clients (whether they ask us to or not). It’s only fair. Give up trying with some people, and try harder with others. Give up giving up on D&AD, Cannes The One show. Give up trying to stop Brian eating the client biscuits.

Jim Ramsey, senior creative, Crombie Anderson

To try and have more patience - although I will never understand why: a) Some women, while in the checkout queue, wait until they are informed of their total bill THEN decide to rummage in their bags for their purse. b) Some drivers (namely the one directly in front of me) decide to do the entire journey in second gear, just because it’s started to rain and then somehow manage to get through the lights leaving me stuck at red. c) Whenever I go to the cinema the late comer decides to sit next to me and sounds like an asthmatic budgerigar with an iron lung. And, while I am on the subject, why do cinemas sell noisy food? What’s wrong with marshmallows? Now, where did I put my Diazepam?


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