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The Chip Shop Awards

By The Drum | Administrator

August 23, 2007 | 3 min read

Our industry needs these gongs.

People don’t parrot the old cliché that the TV commercials are better than the programmes quite so much anymore.

And when was the last time you tore an ad out of the papers and stuck it on your wall? (There’s a yellowing page from the Independent, dated March 19 ’07 taped to mine. Two planes leave vapour trails that form a v-sign. BA’s two-fingered attitude to climate change; well that’s what Greenpeace think. A stopper.)

And posters. Is it me, or are most posters ... dull/duff?

When did you last laugh out loud at a radio ad? It seems that not only is the world chock-a-block with parity products it’s awash with parity advertising too.

And that’s why we need the Chip Shop Awards. We need their energy, that no-holds-barred attitude, the shocking images; the jaw-dropping headlines you couldn’t possibly show your Mum. We need new people, fresh from college, to draw or write or film the stuff that most of us would be too inhibited to do, now that we’re all grown-up.

We even need the occasional knob gag.

And there were several of them to be admired at this year’s judging.

I chaired this year’s gala judging and loved it. If only every awards show was as well organised. If only every awards jury was as much fun.

What stands out now, a few months later?

Nike ‘Hopscotch’. The Heinz Thai Beans ad. (Outstanding, someone please get it to run.)

The ‘Climbers Only’ Friction magazine rack set up near the ceiling of the newsagent’s,

There was one surreal moment where the eye line of Jesus, smiling on the Cross (a print ad for No More Nails) was in exact alignment with the furry cup, (a DM piece for a lesbian pressure group). Priceless.

Enjoy the work.

Mike McKenna, creative director, J Walter Thompson and chairman of The Chip Shop Awards


Mike McKenna

Creative Director

J Walter Thompson

Emma Slater

Senior Designer

Williams Murray Hamm

Nick Welch

Essence Communications

Lloyd Stanton


Comedy Radio

Kit Marr

Independent Creative Consultant

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