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June 21, 2007 | 7 min read

Adrian Troy has a lot on his plate. As head of marketing for carbonated soft drinks manufacturer AG Barr, his remit covers the marketing of brands such as IRN-BRU, Diet IRN-BRU, IRN BRU 32, D&B, Barr, Strathmore and St. Clements. If that’s not enough, he’s recently been steering the relaunch of Tizer and is currently gearing up for a bold new campaign for another of the firm’s well-known brands.

The Drum has tracked Troy down to discuss this new major marketing launch – a £1 million campaign to promote Orangina, the firm’s curvy-bottled ‘real fruit pieces’ soft drink.

In 2006, he commissioned Manchester’s BDH\\TBWA (also the incumbent on the Tizer account) to create a new campaign that would highlight Orangina’s Mediterranean roots and boost awareness of the brand. The subsequent ‘Shake it to Wake it’ campaign took Orangina onto the small screen during last summer and is credited by Troy as having helped assist the ‘value growth’ of the brand.

As we now enter summer 2007, hoping that April isn’t the only month of sun we get this year, Troy is back with Orangina to brighten our day. Once again, BDH is back behind the wheel along with media agency PHD North, as they aim to steer Orangina to further growth and to a new key market, what Troy calls ‘young urbanites’.

“BDH worked very much in tandem with PHD North in creating the campaign,” explains Troy. “And the result, in my view, is a great example of creative and media moulding together to produce a fantastic campaign.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the campaign which Troy and his agencies have created, is that they’ve decided to take a completely new approach with its use of media. TV has been ditched, although the 30-second commercial will now run on cinema screens and a wide array of ambient and outdoor media in Manchester and London is being used to grab today’s twentysomething go-getters while they’re, well, going and getting.

The commercial, to remind you, features a motorised tuk-tuk delivery van stocked with bottles of refreshing Orangina being driven on a particularly bumpy route through cobbled streets and down rocky steps to ensure the cargo is sufficiently shaken before reaching the café where the bottles are being delivered. Hence the ‘Shake it to wake it!’ strapline.

In addition, specially constructed adaptations of traditional 48- and 96-sheet outdoor posters will feature the tuk-tuk from the ad bumping down a steep set of cobbled steps, while bus mega rear executions have been crafted to look like an open lorry load of Orangina bottles being shaken in rhythm with the bus’ movements and moving escalator creative will run in London. Digital 6 sheets also form part of the campaign and will feature the classic bulby bottle being shaken with the line ‘Shake it to wake it’ forming out of the shaken orange pulp.

Here, Troy sits down to tell us why he felt it was time for Orangina to take a different approach to its marketing and how he hopes the brand can capture the social urbanite market.

Adrian Troy

head of marketing

AG Barr

How successful was last year’s ‘Shake it to wake it!’ campaign?

\"Really successful – it built brand awareness and continued to add ‘premium’ values into the brand – these included both product naturalness and that Mediterranean ‘café culture feel’ which is such a rich persona. The brand has continued to grow into 2007 and so far this year we are seeing value growth of 40 per cent.\"

Why was the decision taken to go in a different direction this time?

\"There are three key reasons. Firstly, Orangina is a national brand. However, it profiles very strongly in city centre and commuter locations which reflect its drinker base. We wanted to deliver a more targeted campaign, hitting our core potential consumer base with less wastage. The choice of media also reflects the target audience’s ‘out and about’ lifestyle.

Secondly, over the first months of 2007 we have had a step change in the availability of the brand - in grocery but more importantly in the impulse sales channel. The media choice enables the creative to support these new selling points in a much more direct fashion. Take, for instance, how the campaign has been executed at Charing Cross: on travelling up the escalator, you can see digital escalator panels that show the Orangina tuk-tuk bumping downwards, shaking its cargo of Orangina bottles. On exiting the tube station, the digital 6 sheets are visible close to Costa Coffee, one of the significant retailers in addition to WHSmith, from where consumers can purchase Orangina now.

And finally, Orangina is a fantastic brand with a really strong identity that is expressed simply and beautifully through its ‘Shake it to wake it’ message, highlighting a natural product made with real fruit pieces, whilst conveying it in an interactive and energetic way. The media choices that we’ve gone with have given us the opportunity to have some real fun with the brand through its advertising, doing something different and much more rewarding.\"

Who is the target market with this latest campaign?

\"Broadly speaking young urbanites; sophisticated 20-35 year olds who appreciate the finer things in life.\"

Why have you chosen to concentrate activity in London and Manchester?

\"Quite simply, they’re the two largest urban centres and highest indexing areas for our target audience.\"

To engage this audience, you’re using more ambient and outdoor media than ever before. Why do you feel that these channels will deliver your message most effectively?

\"As I mentioned previously, these channels open up the opportunity to have some fun with the brand, which is part of its persona. It also allows us to deliver impact, making it memorable and essentially, forming a greater connection with the viewer by reaching them more frequently through multiple touch points. We’ve worked hard at making the creative use the media format, rather than simply just appearing on it. It’s been important to keep the creative simple, reinforcing the ‘Shake it to wake it!’ message, whilst using the media as part of the creative solution. This is shown, for instance, on the digital escalator panels with its creative use of steps and through the creative on the bus mega rears that portray an image of the back of a delivery van, stocked full of Orangina bottles. The movement of the bus creates the effect of the bottles being shaken. Both convey the ‘Shake it to wake it!’ line in a much more intriguing and rewarding way.\"

Will you be looking to use media of this type and more non-traditional media for other AG Barr brands – such as IRN BRU and Tizer?

\"Quite possibly – though every brand and campaign have their own individual objectives. Our media choice in each case will reflect each individual brand’s campaign.\"


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