New Year Resolutions

By The Drum, Administrator

January 12, 2007 | 8 min read

January 2004: Less: food, drink and Lubalin.

More: tolerance, compassion and fennel twig tea.

January 2005: Less: food, drink and Mrs Eaves.

More: tolerance, compassion and mung bean quiche.

January 2006: Less: food, drink and Helvetica Neue 25.

More: tolerance, compassion and nettle and dandelion soup.

January 2007: Less: food, drink and Avant Garde.

More: tolerance, compassion and milk thistle loaf.

Jim Ramsay, senior creative, Crombie Anderson

“Solve Middle East crisis, stop war and eradicate famine, cure cancer, reduce global warming, encourage pandas to mate, strike oil and understand what I.T. people are talking about other than that just keep the agency going forward and improve everything we do. Oh, and return calls to Carnyx Group employees.”

John McCallum, managing director, Levy McCallum

“Professionally 2007 will be a year when the Newsquest Scotland commercial team again proves itself to be the best sales team in Scotland and the UK! On a personal level it will be my year of severe weight-loss. I used to do this every year, then every other year but now every third year seems a more manageable target. Also I plan to see a lot more of Scotland with my family.”

Ian Clarke, sales & marketing director, Newsquest (Herald & Times) Ltd

“I’m not usually very fond of New Year’s resolutions but this year I’m definitely going to make a point of exploring more of our beautiful country and in particular the Western Isles and the Lochinver region. I was up north in the summer and have to get back for some hill walking and photography. With the Festive season in mind, a daily visit to the Radio Clyde swimming pool is a must for 2007 too.”

Richard Muir, marketing manager, Radio Clyde

“Professionally it has to be developing the agency’s online PR strategies. We’ve already made some exciting progress, but the digital world is increasingly challenging and always changing, and we’re determined to continue advancing our skills and offer for clients in 2007. Personally, I can’t leave resolutions for New Year – there has to be a daily resolve against the old timekeeping and taxi habits.”

Lorna Burt, director, Burt Greener

“Being from Yorkshire, and living and working in Aberdeen and Dubai, means that time with family and friends is limited. This is more of an issue given that best friends live in London and family is split between Yorkshire and the States! Oh, and to make things all the more interesting, hubby lives in Edinburgh! Santa needs to bring me a travel and time machine fitted out with a ‘beam me up Scotty’ device.

Kelly Kilner, director, Fifth Ring

“This year will prove to be the year that true convergence of TV, web and mobile takes off. We’ve got GMTV urging viewers to produce content; BSkyB / Google / YouTube linking up; BSkyB beaming programmes onto mobiles and phone companies producing their own TV. My resolution is to make sure that DA Group and Yomego are at the forefront of this movement”.

Mike Antliff, CEO of DA Group

“I’ve resolved to be even nicer to people, and am determined that, when we beat other companies when we’re pitching for work, I won’t make that childish ‘loser’ sign at them the next time we meet.”

Daniel Healy, head of production, Lucid

“I’m resolving to have a good laugh. Reminiscing with 21 years of The Drum made me realise why I started working in this game. Because it wasn’t a proper job, it was fun!

It still can be, but like anything worthwhile, you need to work at it!”

Victor Brierley, The Hub

“Time. Professionally I need to find more time, personally I need to make more time. I need more time with my staff, less time trying to get into work, more time to think, less time to do. I need more time to plan and less time to explain. Time is my professional enemy but my social need, I’m going to change the way I use my time.”

Spencer Buchan, director, AVC Media Enterprises

“Having moved onto a shiny new boat in Leith, we have been afloat with nautical metaphors (and semaphores). So m’hearties – that needs to stop. And our newest client is Scotland’s leading bakery, which means pies, sausage rolls and bridies. So to keep my svelte 30 inch waist I can only look at them. Hoist the mainsail and have a Happy New Year.”

Campbell Laird, managing director, Three Brand Design

“To launch Polar Extremes – a fantastic new gallery for Easter 2007, to get my photo into as many publications as possible, and when the weekend beckons, to start volunteer dog walking at my local dog home.”

Catriona Cardie, marketing director, Dynamic Earth Enterprises

“My resolutions are to get even closer to our clients’ customers without actually going through their bins, to have as much fun as I’ve had this year and to meet comedy legend Chevy Chase and engage him in banter.”

Peter Murphy, creative director, WWAV Rapp Collins

“To find a way of doing things only once. For example, if paperwork or an email comes in, leave it on the desk until there’s time to action it or act immediately on it. Basically try to cut out all the time consuming middle steps.”

Sarah Ronald, director, Bunnyfoot

“I have a three-point plan: stop going on to my wife/friends/clients/family/ colleagues/boss/neighbours/my hairdresser about the DIY I’m doing on my house; read something other than newspapers e.g. a book or two; win a bet with a colleague that Liverpool will finish ahead of Spurs at the end of this season’s Premiership. If all three are achieved my life will be complete.”

David Sawyer, account director, Weber Shandwick

“My New Year’s Resolution is to lead Strathclyde University FC to Scottish Amateur Cup glory. If, however, you are reading this after our 4th Round tie against Leith Athletic on the 6th of January, this may already be null and void. If that’s the case, I’m going to give blood.”

Greig Mailer, marketing and communications manager, Scottish Premier League

“James Agate, the diarist, once said that his New Year’s resolution was – “To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time”. I’ll go with that!”

John Campbell, managing director, Spider Online

“Self improvement in January – are you kidding? It’s hard enough struggling out from under the duvet never mind about trying to reinvent yourself. Why go to the gym in January when it’s heaving with well doers? Why abstain when you get a seat in the pub for once? Why stop yourself shopping when the sales are on?”

Lesley Alexander, managing director PR, IAS Smarts

“This year I am not going to kid myself. I will not become a regular at the gym; I will not become a health food guru but I will continue to work hard, play harder and aim to enjoy everything I do.”

Yvonne MacFarlane, account manager, Barkers PR

“My New Year resolution for 2007 is to cancel the gym membership, let my debt spiral, quit dieting and eat more chocolate – I think these are quite realistic and achievable! It’s going to be a GREAT year!”

Alison Black, head of radio, Feather Brooksbank

On a personal and professional note, 2006 was one hell of a year and I’m sure 2007 will undoubtedly be as challenging and as rewarding in equal measure. I’m going to find a new vice. After stopping smoking in 2004, and not being a big fan of hangovers, looks like online gaming might have to be a New Year’s resolution to break in 2008 – Quake IV anyone?

Pete Burns, managing director, Blonde Digital

"My resolution is ...Not to make New Year resolutions!”

Alasdair Gibbons, client services director, Clayton Graham


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