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By The Drum | Administrator

September 22, 2006 | 2 min read

Last month, The Drum was startled to discover that there is now only one active sperm donor in Scotland (in Aberdeen of all places) and worried health officials have suggested the problem perhaps needs a recruitment camapign to find more donors.

While this is, of course, a serious subject (and a worrying trend) The Drum thought that it could be a campaign that would, ahem, give rise to a number of fun and interesting executions.

Hence, we thought that it might be a worthy exercise to encourage the recruitment process forward and muster up a few seeds of creative goodness to show just how effective advertising could be in the battle to attract more Scottish wan... sorry... donors.

The revelation that only one man is currently donating was made as a support group warned Britain is facing a "national shortage".

Campaigners blame the crisis on the Government's decision to allow children to find out who their donor fathers are.

Already in Scotland, two of the four NHS fertility fertility clinics have suspended insemination services.

Infertility Network UK is now calling for a national recruitment campaign.

Spokeswoman Susan Seenan said: "We need a campaign to recruit more donors and to make them aware that they don't have any financial or moral obligations. No donor would have any obligation to a child born as a result of donation to a regulated clinic."

Barkers (Kleenex) and The Leith Agency (Mayonnaise) were both quick to, erm, lend a hand.


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