Roses 25

By The Drum, Administrator

May 30, 2005 | 3 min read

On the night not only was the most recent work that has been created by agencies from outside of London – but also gold award-winning work that has been featured over the past 25 years.

After profiling the nominations in the April edition, Adline asked our readers to choose their favourite in the four categories: Best TV, SIngle Print, Radio and Print Campaign.

Over a month-long period Adline readers were asked to voting online for their favourite piece of work and the winners were awarded with their gold awards at the Roses.

Picking up gold in the Best TV Campaign category was the hard-hitting, anti-terrorism ad produced by McCann Erickson Belfast. Picking up the award was the adverts creators David Lyle and Julie Anne Bailie, from the agency Lyle Bailie.

Next up was the Best Print Single. Here the Leith Agency came up trumps for The Edinburgh Club, surpassing the other nominees by a mile. Creator Ed Brookes was on hand to pick up the award.

The Leith Agency also picked up the award for Best Campaign for its infamous work on the Irn Bru account. The agency faced stiff competition for the other nominations. (As noted in the last issue of Adline The Barnacles campaign was deemed ineligible to enter) However Leith triumphed and Ed Brookes and Joady Horsley, of Irn Bru, picked up the award.

Finally, the Radio Category was won by industry stalwart Colin Marr of Marr Assoicates for his work with Stella Artois. And, with the last award handed out it was off to the bar.

Who knows who will be awarded in the next 25 years, but no doubt the quality of ads will stand the test of time, as the quality of the ones awarded on the night illustrated.

Radio Script

Title: Stella – Mike Echo

Policeman:Evening Sarge

Sarge:Evening Dave

Policeman: Good Grief. What a helluva Delta, Alpha, Yankee,I’ve had. I can’t tell you.

Sarge: Why, what have you been up to son?

Policeman: Never been off my Foxtrot, Echo, Echo, Tango allday. First, I had a to-do with that new lollipopwoman.

Sarge:Aaaw. Rather you than Mike, Echo.

Policeman: Then it was up to the precinct keeping theNovember, Echo, Deltas away from Mr Patel’sshop. And after that rounding up the Yankee,Oscar, Bravos at the big match.

Sarge: Slam them in the November, India, Charlie, Kilo,did you?

Policeman: You Bravo, Echo, Tango I did.

Sarge: Anyway, what are you having? It’s my Tango,Uniform, Romeo, November.

Policeman: Aaaw. A pint of the usual Sarge.

Sarge:(shouts) Two pints of the usual Frank.

Barman: Two pints of Sierra. Tango, Echo, Lima, Alphacoming up.

Sarge: Cheers Frank. By the way, you’re under arrest.

Barman: Eh? Why?

Sarge: Impersonating a Police Officer.

Announcer: Stella Artois. Behind Scotland’s better Bravo,Alpha, Romeo, Sierra.


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